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Supporting nuclear physics

A briefing with deputy prime ministers

An excerpt from Mikhail Mishustin’s opening

A briefing with deputy prime ministers

The Government continues to support the development of Russian science,
including nuclear physics. Russia is a leader in fundamental research owing to
the unique R&D by Russian scientists. These achievements enable applied
research in the essential areas, such as medicine, biology, environmental safety, and space

The Government will allocate almost 65 billion roubles for the construction
of a research nuclear installation based on a fourth-generation multifunctional
fast-neutron research reactor. This is an experimental project designed to test
nuclear technologies and conduct research testing of innovative materials. 

It is extremely important that Russian science be competitive and
become a point of attraction for researchers from all over the world. For this
reason, we are planning to establish an international research centre based on
this project. Launching the new-generation reactor will make it possible to
test innovative technologies for heat and power generation as well as radioactive
waste management technologies, something that is of particular importance for
environmental safety and protection.


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