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New Year’s greetings from Mikhail Mishustin


New Year’s greetings from Mikhail Mishustin

Happy New Year and
Merry Christmas!

The winter holidays
are the biggest holidays of the year and the most loved ones. They are about
warm get-togethers with family and friends that are filled with unforgettable
moments and an atmosphere of happiness.

These days, the
expectation of change for the better, hope for the best, common goals and
objectives and a belief that our professional and personal plans will be
implemented unite us all. The outgoing year has been challenging, but it gave us
confidence in our abilities and showed us that we can withstand difficulties
and overcome challenges.

Soon, 2021 will
come into its own. Ahead of us lies a time of new endeavours, exciting projects
and achievements. May all of your endeavours find success, and may the New Year
bring peace and prosperity.

I wish you and your
loved ones good health, good cheer and all the best.


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