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Unbelievable Mysterious Reality

It is said that schoolchildren in the DPRK are enjoying the benefits of extracurricular activities to their hearts’ contents in all children’s palaces and camps which were built splendidly in different parts of the country. Then, do all schoolchildren in the country enjoy the same benefits?

Is it true that the state bears all the costs entirely?

We often witness that foreigners become so much dubious and raise these questions whenever they receive the news that our schoolchildren give full play to their talents thanks to the policy of the universal free education.

No wonder that they have such doubts.

When we look alone at the realities of some Western countries which are alleged to introduce free education advocating “education equality”, it is said that the inequality in distribution of educational resources, irregularities and corruption, acts of racial discrimination are rampant, and qualitative differences between fee-paying and free education are getting ever more serious.

The free education in capitalist countries, which is funded by the governments of relevant provinces and cities, constantly leans towards cutting costs by decreasing teaching staff and the number of classes and lessons with limited resources as an excuse. As a result, it has become a commonplace that the children of ordinary people receive half-baked education in public schools while the children of the rich family receive professional education and extracurricular lessons in well-equipped private schools.

In some Western capitalist countries, it is said that many public school students have only an outline of the already learnt subjects, and nearly 40% of graduates are not good even at their mother tongue, far from the knowledge that is necessary to get jobs. Does such free education bring the children of working people to the bright future or push them to the darkness?

For ordinary working people who must pay all sorts of taxes and maintain their livelihood on a scanty income in capitalist countries where unemployment and poverty are increasing day by day, it is easier said than done to provide their children with the extracurricular education besides the main school courses.

However, in our socialist system, all the children are receiving the same free education without discrimination whether they are children of workers or farmers, and they are growing up as the pillars of the future, conducting the extracurricular activities free of charge according to their desires and aptitudes in children’s palaces, children’s halls and camps which are built in every nook and cranny of the country. It is only too natural that world people are surprised at this.

Among the countless extracurricular bases, there is also the Songdowon International Children’s Camp which was imposingly built enabling not only our children but also the school children from various countries of the world to come and enjoy camping.

This place only elicits endless admiration as its interior facilities such as bedrooms, restaurants, theatres, all kinds of study rooms and recreation rooms were built at world level, not worse than a top-class hotel, and aquariums, aviary, gymnasiums, outdoor paddling pools, and all sorts of recreation facilities are well matched with distinguishing buildings depicting a sailing ship.

The personages from various countries who visited here expressed their feelings like this:

They would be blessed with lifelong memory if they had visited here once and it is their wish to frolic with the children in such a wonderful place as long as they want. Such impressions let one guess enough the splendidness of this Camp.

The world people might have less knowledge about the fact that this splendid palace of the children was not built by a fund or sponsor like in other countries, but by the state within shortest time under the direct leadership of the leader.

The benevolent father respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally proposed the reconstruction project of the Songdowon International Children’s Camp and come to the windy reconstruction field even two times. He said there were obstacles and difficulties during the reconstruction but the hardships were fully rewarded; if we undergo hardships for a year, the fatherland will advance for ten years. And he was so satisfied with the reconstruction process.

He also participated in the grand completion ceremony to congratulate the completion of the Camp and attended the sports and cultural festival together with the children all day long and blessed their promising future. Nowhere in the world can be found such a great leader, a benevolent farther of the children.

Every monumental projects completed on this land for the children of ordinary workers is marked with countless unprecedented great and noble legends of love for posterity and love for future.

Then, let us see why the world people do not know well about the reality of our Republic that devotes everything for people and find it difficult to believe it.

That is because the dirty and tricky acts of the anti-DPRK hostile forces make the public blind and deaf. They try to hide the very fact that there is a society where the popular masses are regarded as the most sacred beings by resorting to all possible means to distort the reality of socialist system while vilifying and slandering it.

They have one and only purpose. That is to restrain the growing hopes and aspirations for independence of their own people and to maintain their anti-popular political regime and privileged position.


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