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U.S. Must First Have Its Own “Transparency” Verified

The U.S. Congress has recently initiated a “biological weapons policy bill” that would boil down to the containment of development of biological weapons by China, Russia and some other countries.

A congressman, who tabled the bill, made clear that the bill is especially targeted at China, arguing that Covid-19 sounded a warning about the gravity of biological threat and that a strict supervision is needed of bio-researches of some “countries of concern.”

China responded by strongly opposing politicization of the tracing of virus origin by the U.S. and demanding that the U.S. should immediately open to the public its biological laboratories scattered around the world.

A few days ago, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China denounced the U.S., saying that the latter is the only country that has all along hindered the negotiation on verification system within the framework of the Biological Weapons Convention for the last 20 years, and furthermore, it is applying double-standard by demanding inspection of Wuhan Institute of Virology while refusing to open for inspection its research institute of infectious diseases in Fort Detrick.

The media and specialists from many countries condemned the U.S. for having set up the laboratories for biological weapons in many parts of the world including south Korea, and having secretly worked out and implemented criminal research plans for biochemical weapons.

They demanded that the U.S. should disclose the data on its earlier infection cases of Covid-19 in a transparent and responsible manner and actively cooperate with an investigation of the Fort Detrick institute and 200-plus biological laboratories located overseas.

As is unanimously called for by the international society, the U.S. should abandon its double-dealing behavior and inveterate vice of heedlessly picking on others while covering their own criminal records.

The U.S. must have its own “openness” and “transparency” verified by the international society, before insisting on “supervision” of other countries.


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