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Truth Witnessed by American

An Asian newspaper has recently carried an article entitled “Truth and Lie”, which introduces in detail a report written by a south Korean American after his visit to our country.

Having been surprised to see Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home which are provided with excellent conditions for nurturing, development of intellectual faculties and physical training of the children and equipped with the top-of-the-line facilities, the writer likened his impression to the visit of fairyland, where fairy children live.

He wrote that the children – who might have been abandoned if they were in the Western world – sang a song filled with joy in their clear eyes, which can neither be fabricated nor invented, and that he was deeply touched by their singing. He said he came to realize that the propaganda by the Western media about the DPRK is all sheer lie.

He expressed his affirmation that if anyone really wants to know about the DPRK, personal visit to this country should be a must with their ears closed to the false Western propaganda, and then one will surely see a true paradise, not the “hell.”

Some time ago, a correspondent for the Chinese Xinhua News Agency literally depicted the happy images of our children under the title of “Start of school year, visit to special kindergartens in the DPRK.” As this article has attracted the attention of the international society, many other foreigners are expressing their admiration, saying that the DPRK is a paradise for children.

The laughter of our children is, indeed, the true picture of our society which cannot be shadowed by anything.


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