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Training of Talents and Future of Korea

In the present world where talents have emerged as major determinants of rise or fall of countries and nations, advancing education underpins existence of the nation and destiny of the country.

Many countries are struggling hard to gain talents, having views in mind that “major competitive edge in the twenty-first century can be ensured by talents”, “success or failure is determined by talents”, “the greatest wealth in the twenty-first century is talents” or “gaining talents is a fundamental issue determining rise or fall of countries in the twenty-first century.”

This global trend is a clear manifestation of the efforts for gaining talents becoming a fierce battle in the theatre of national power competition.

With the turn of a new century of Juche, our country has entered a new remarkable time in the education for training talents.

Powered by the noble love for future and the patriotism borne by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, national input into education has increased since 2012, and all the preparations for full introduction of the universal 12-year free and compulsory education system were completed in a short span of time.

As a result, the general secondary education system has been further perfected in a way that could effectively train talents required by the present time, and this is bringing about a revolutionary upswing in the field of education.

The talents who were commendably trained under the benefit of free and compulsory education are inexhaustibly displaying their creative power in the cutting-edge areas and continuously performing world-startling miracles.

Students from Kim Il Sung University, University of Natural Science and other several universities are achieving remarkable successes every year by participating in the challenging contests of “Codechef”, an international internet program contest being held since 2013. Its typical example is that in these contests this year, the students from Kim Il Sung University took the first places six times and the students from University of Natural Science four times.

Now in our country, there are worker inventors, managers renowned as masters at ingenuity, and officials who were awarded several invention certificates, ingenuity certificates or certificates for introducing new technology. Their active roles are in actuality producing a great number of valuable creative results throughout the country. This is the proud reality of our fatherland.

Putting priority on cherishing talents at present time, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is pushing forward the work of training excellent talents and creating legends in large numbers not only in scientific and technological sectors but also in all other areas including management and administration.

Sea of talents will soon unfold on this land thanks to the wise leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un devoted to turning our country into the one thriving and rapidly advancing on the strength of talents.


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