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Racial Discrimination – Malignant Tumor in the U.S. Society

Recently, the acts of racial discrimination against the non-whites are openly committed in the United States, throwing the international society into serious concern and consternation.

What goes beyond human imagination in particular is the acts of racial discrimination which are committed against Asian-Americans one after another in the U.S. society after the global pandemic broke out.

From the very beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, U.S. social media has been flooded with various kinds of groundless rumors, and derogatory and abusive words that the immigrants from China and other parts of Asia have spread virus.

This touched the psyche of the whites who are infected with extreme racism. The result was that they did not hesitate to commit such acts even in daylight. They stormed an Asian woman walking the street before committing an act of violence to her and trampling upon her head. When an Asian man was coming out from the shop, they brought him down and hurled abusive words to him.

Not satisfied with it, they bring a hammer down on the heads of the Asian inhabitants, stab them with a dagger and even threaten their lives.

Among the victims, Korean-Americans account for 16.8%, Chinese-Americans 43.5%, Filipino-Americans 9.1%, Japanese-Americans 8.6% and Vietnamese-Americans 8.2%. Criminal acts also assume different dimensions. These include an insult with vulgar words, physical violence, avoiding contact, coughing and spitting on etc.

Because of this, the aged of Asian origin feel afraid to go out and parents are anxious for their children going to school while the workers feel uneasy in their daily life, being so much concerned about an unexpected misfortune in the rush hours.

According to a report released by a human rights organization, the number of reported crimes against Asian-Americans between March 2020 and June 2021 is 9,081. Among them, 4,533 cases are from the first half of this year alone, which is roughly equivalent to the number of reported cases (4,548) last year.

It is said that the number of actual crimes must be far greater than it was published in consideration of the fact there often appear the cases where most of the Asians living in the U.S. are not able to report to the police, even though they were attacked, because of their broken English.

Human hatred and racism is rooted in the history of the U.S. that has been fattened through aggression and plunder. This will forever remain as an incurable disease and as a malignant tumor of the U.S.


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