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Racial Discrimination Acts of the West Should Be Rooted Out

The United Nations designated March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on November 9, 1966, 55 years ago, and has conducted numerous activities since then.

Nevertheless, the racial discrimination acts of the West become increasingly serious due to vicious challenges and obstructive acts on the part of the West.

In the past days, Hitler fascist clique had attempted to dominate the world by instilling racism, and in the present days, the West is resorting to a tricky means to maintain its moribund anti-popular social system by advertising white supremacy and misanthropy.

The privileged class of the West becomes ever more frenzied in spreading white supremacy while asserting that all social instabilities are attributable to other races. This is aimed at easing the wrath of the people caused by daily widening gaps between the rich and the poor and absence of social rights and diverting an arrow of complaints against them

The outrageous criminal acts of racial discrimination taking place every day and night in the West including, among others, the attack on a young black man by gangsters shouting “Go back to your country.” gives a clear picture of how dire the human rights situation is in the West addicted to white supremacy and racism.

In the year 2019 alone, 30 % of the black living in Europe suffered from harsh discrimination and maltreatment and 5% of them fell victim to racism, exponentially raising cases of murder, robbery and violent crimes against other races.

In the Western society, the imprisonment and unemployment rates of other races are nearly six times and more than two times higher than those of the white respectively and even in school grounds where true morals of the humankind should be taught, more than 90% of the students of other races are subject to all kinds of insult, contempt and physical violence.

What is more serious is the fact that the West is not only shielding but also acquiescing in and manipulating the brutal racism against humanity legally and institutionally, posing itself as the guard of “freedom” under the cloak of “human rights protection”.

A certain country of the West has adopted it as a law to drive out other races from the residential area of the white and enforced its implementation. This clearly proves a revival of the past racial segregation system and a violation of “International Convention on the Suppression and the Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid”.

Now in Western countries, the policemen responsible for ensuring public security, are denounced as criminals notorious for committing racial discrimination acts. This fact itself is an example representative of how rigorously the racism has been institutionalized.

It has become a usual practice that other races should put up with serious humiliation of being forced body-check upon arrest and inspection by the police and that many are killed by traffic accidents while running away to escape. Even if a riot police beat a black man to death, he is judged not guilty. This shows that the breeding place of racial discrimination is none other than the West.

What is ridiculous is that the West full of criminal cases of racial discrimination is instilling politicization, double standards, and selectivity of human rights issue, while imposingly trumpeting about the “human rights protection” in the international arena and perpetrating name-calling attacks and adoption of vicious law to bring down the system of other countries.

The racial discrimination is an issue of serious human rights violations confined to none other than the West.

The acts of racial discrimination by the West should be rooted out – the acts that force harsh maltreatment and contempt, inequality and denial of rights and even guiltless deaths simply because they are different in races and skin colors.


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