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People’s Network of China Warns U.S. Not to Pursue Hegemony Based on Jungle Law

The People’s Network of China carried an article on August 21 under the heading of “Jungle law should be thrown into garbage can of history.”

The People’s Network of China said that the United States is frequently withdrawing from international organizations at its own free will when it deems any of them not to its liking, and, driven by its egoism of putting priority on its own interest, the U.S. is imposing unilateral sanctions on other countries, wielding its sanctions truncheon, once it forms an opinion that it is at a disadvantage.

The People’s Network pointed out that the U.S. is outwardly talking loud about the “rules-based international order” but it is practically pursuing an “hegemony-based order” for prevailing over the world, and it has already emerged as the gravest violator of the present international order, as it does not abide by rules and does everything possible on its own terms, thus finding itself increasingly bereft of support and trust from the international society with the passage of time.

The Network finally stressed that the international order should not be made a hegemony-based order to be controlled by the U.S., and the U.S. should give up the jungle law and abandon its hegemony that is not favored by public sentiment as well as its high-handed policy that goes against the trend of the time.

The world progressive countries should wage a battle to achieve genuine international justice in the international arena where the universally recognized fundamental principles governing the international relations are overtly neglected by the impudent domination and interference attempts of the imperialist forces headed by the United States.


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