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Outstanding Great Achievements for Cause of Global Independence

The sacred flag of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is flying high in our country which is dynamically advancing towards the victory of socialism, an ideal and desire of humankind, unaffected by any harsh ordeals or hardships of history.

Under this flag always indicating the road to victory and glory, our Republic could firmly advance along the road of independence and socialism without a moment’s standstill or stagnation, and demonstrate the powerful spirit of Juche Korea to the world. All of these are entirely the brilliant fruition of the immortal achievements gained by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK, through his revolutionary activities for foreign affairs.

The world remembers.

In the grim circumstances where high-handedness and arbitrariness were running wild on the international stage, making injustice justice, and dark clouds of interference and aggression were shadowing the world, the respected General Secretary undertook the indefatigable revolutionary activities for foreign affairs in order to consolidate friendship and solidarity with the socialist countries, core force of anti-imperialism and independence. This was a solemn historical declaration that has heralded the advance of independence and justice.

Through the recent historic meetings with the leaders of China, Cuba and Vietnam, the respected General Secretary further developed onto a higher stage the fraternal and traditional relations of friendship with these countries. These served as significant occasions that fully demonstrated the revolutionary will and determination of our Party and our Republic that hold it as an invariable foreign policy to continuously strengthen solidarity and cooperation with the socialist countries.

The strategic communication and the traditional ties of friendship and cooperation among the socialist countries were thus further strengthened and developed as required by the new century. And the socialist states could grow in strength as powerful independent forces that are resolutely standing up to the high-handedness, arbitrariness, interference and aggressive maneuvers of certain forces in the international arena.

The world media gave an extensive coverage to the historic revolutionary activities for foreign affairs by the respected General Secretary, unanimously commenting that the relations among the socialist countries have been strengthened into the strategic one that could remain invariable without regard to the changes in the international and regional situations, and that these relations are now the highest watermark of the global diplomacy.

All these historic moments marked by high jubilation and excitement will shine forever along with the great history of 10-year revolutionary leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has opened up a golden period of prosperity in the history of our Republic.

Indeed, as we hold in high esteem at the forefront of our revolution the respected General Secretary – who has demonstrated the dignity of the DPRK to the world with his outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom and by remarkable revolutionary activities, and is giving all his devotion to the victorious advance of the world socialist movement – the victory for cause of socialism is certain, and the future for accomplishment of global independence is bright and promising.

Our Republic will continue to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with the socialist countries, make strenuous efforts to develop the relations with all the countries that are friendly towards our country, and vigorously fight for accomplishment of the cause of global independence and final victory of socialism, holding high the banner of independence and the ideal of peace and friendship as has been further illuminated by the respected General Secretary.


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