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National Rights of the Palestinian People Can Never Be Deprived Of

The recent Palestinian situation has become the spotlight of the world.

The Muslims in a traditional praying ceremony in Al-Aqsa Mosque of East Kuds during Ramadan (April 13~May 12), the Islamic fasting month, clashed with the Jewish extreme rightists attempting to stop it. And the Israeli police intervened and suppressed the Palestinians, triggering the bloodshed between the two sides with a number of casualties from early May.

This coincided with the decision of the Israeli authority to force the Palestinians out of their residential areas in Sheikh Jarrah of East Kuds, fuelling the wrath of Palestinians to extremes.

Enraged by the Israeli atrocities in the East Kuds, the resistance groups including Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) in Gaza, fired tens of missiles towards Israel in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians.

Israel responded with indiscriminate bombings and shelling on 750  targets in Gaza for several days from May 10 by mobilizing fighters, attack helicopters, artillery, warships, and armoured forces of ground army, leading to the death of 200-plus people and injury of about 1,500 people, including women and children.

In this regard, the Arab and Islamic countries, and international society are condemning the Israeli inhuman violence and demanding an immediate halt to its brutal attacks.

The massacre committed by Israel in East Kuds and Gaza is a war crime and a crime against humanity which is contrary to international law. Israel should immediately rescind the decision to forcibly evacuate the Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah of East Kuds.

Israel should bear in mind that no coercive act whatsoever can subdue the Palestinian people and obliterate their national rights.

We fully support the fighting Palestinian people and also express our firm solidarity with the Palestinian people in their righteous cause of establishing an independent state with East Kuds as the capital.

Yang Myong Song

Secretary General

Korea-Arab Association


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