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Manoeuvres to Concoct “Human Rights Virus” Are Doomed to Failure

The western countries, which have been tenaciously raising the human rights issue of China in recent years, are again committing an open interference in the internal affairs of China from the beginning of new year by making an issue of Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Its striking expression can be found in the fact that they are making only barbed remarks that the Chinese government is imposing forced labour on the Xinjiang minorities and that the arrest of opposition figures by Hong Kong police constitutes suppression of democracy and human rights.

Those main culprits, who failed to take even an elementary anti-epidemic measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thus caused heavy toll, are acting like human rights judges. This is, indeed, no less than an act of a guilty party filing the suit first.

The arrest by Hong Kong police of 50-plus individuals on the suspicion of overthrowing state power clearly demonstrated that violators of the law can never go unpunished, and this is a manifestation of the will to firmly safeguard the state power and its security.

Xinjiang can never be made an issue either. As China reported, Xinjiang Uyghur population has increased from 5.55 million to 12 million during more than 40 years and the total volume of production increased by 7.2% every year in the period of 2014~2019. Such successes achieved in the socio-economic development of Xinjiang demonstrate the very validity of the policy of the Chinese Party on ethnic minorities and development of ethnic regions.

This being the case, the western countries are hell-bent on interfering in internal affairs, harping on about someone’s human rights issue. This constitutes a serious political provocation in its entirety aimed at fulfilling their pipe dream on regime change by means of disrupting national unity and social stability of other countries.

No matter how frenzied the outside forces become in their human rights racket, the underlying sinister intention will never be realized, and the Chinese people will succeed in their efforts to achieve stability and prosperity of Hong Kong under the principle of “one country, two systems” and to implement the plan of the Communist Party of China for administering Xinjiang in the new era.

Kim Il Chol

Member of the Korea-China Association for Civil Exchange Promotion


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