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Life trampled upon vs future in full bloom

This year alone, despite its designation as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, so many children all over the world who should grow up as precious future of humankind, are instead falling victims to all social evils such as child labour and human trafficking, which causes a serious concern from international society.

According to data, well over 100 million children in the world are subjected, in the agony of inhumane maltreatment, to backbreaking slave labour for more than 10 hours a day on average at factories, plantations and fishing villages.

Children are reduced to the prime victims of human trafficking in the continued political turmoil and economic instability in a number of countries that have introduced capitalist system and western values. Child trafficking and modern version of slave labour, among other things, are more rampant in western countries where “protection and promotion of human rights” are given wide publicity.

Though born as human beings, those children are subjected to the fate of modern slaves with their dignity and rights as human beings mercilessly trampled upon. It is nothing short of a tragedy to see the existence of such children even today.

A seed dropped on an infertile land cannot bear a well-ripened fruit. Likewise, only tender care can bring about dreams and talents of children.

President Kim Il Sung ensured that the Labour Law was enacted and proclaimed the year after the country was liberated, thus strictly prohibiting by law the child labour which had been viciously perpetrated by the Japanese imperialists in our country in the past.

Our children gave full play to their hopes while studying to their hearts’ contents, as kings and queens of the country, with nothing to envy in the world under the sun’s embrace of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

This great history of love for children is still getting more radiant thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who shows exceptional care and love for children and pupils.

The world is so touched and praises in an excited tone the noble love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for posterity and future before the legend-like reality where tens of thousands of children all across the country arrive in Pyongyang onboard special planes and trains as delegates of Korean Children’s Union(KCU) as well as from the fact unprecedented in history where children afflicted by natural disasters happily go camping after having received school uniforms and stationaries of love ahead of the others.

A foreigner, who had visited the Songdowon International Children’s Camp, said with great emotions. When he was told he would go to a local camp, he merely thought of it as a beach with tents. But he saw another world beyond imagination that stands in its grandiose and gorgeous style, being fit with modern educational equipment saying that everyone should come and see the DPRK.

Even the dignitaries of western countries opened their hearts after looking around the Mangyongdae School Children’s Palace as follows; it is so grand and splendid that it literally takes one’s breath away. We feel like being in a heaven when we see the children learning to their hearts’ contents free of charge at such a wonderful place adding that DPRK children are indeed happy since they hold in high esteem the respected Kim Jong Un.

The whole universe is reflected in a single drop of water.

Our people are feeling great pride and self-confidence in the socialist system which they chose as their faith and have consolidated and developed as well as in the genuine system of ensuring the children’s rights.

We see a promising future of a much more prosperous country in the clear eyes of our coming generations who are growing up with pleasure and optimism in a socialist paradise which capitalism cannot have or imitate.


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