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Legend of Loving Posterity World Has Ever Known

Parents raise their children with all their care, and when the children reach school ages, the parents want to prepare better clothes, bags and other requisites for school for their children. This is the unanimous desire of all parents across the world.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is the great leader ever known by the world, who reads these inmost minds of all parents of the country and bestows great love and affection on millions of children, becoming himself a parent of them.

Precious wealth for our children is countlessly created under the great love and affection. As are the cases with all the wealth, Sonamu (pine tree) schoolbag is our children’s favorite they are very much pleased to take. People don’t know that the peerlessly great man’s love of posterity and future has been so deeply associated with this schoolbag, only to touch everyone’s heart.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un didn’t feel happy about the schoolchildren carrying their bags in hands with difficulties, and he set forth an important political task of making shoulder bags for the schoolchildren and students. Thanks to this warm and fatherly love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, modern bag production factories were built in large numbers all over the country.

He immediately visited Pyongyang Bag Factory upon receiving the report that high-quality, handsome shoulder bags are mass-produced. He was so pleased to see the shoulder bags, his satisfaction being so incomparable, that he said that our children would love these domestically made bags, he would not likely forget this day and he doesn’t really want to leave the bag sample room. Our people were in endless tears, looking up to his benevolent image of the day.

It cannot be otherwise.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave the name of “Sonamu” to the bags out of his intention that our children are not only well-fed and well-dressed but also keep to their hearts a strong sense of national pride and patriotism. And he personally became a bag designer and producer to design shoulder bags by himself and guide the way of production. The documents and reference books studied and instructed by him filled up his office desk. Nowhere would we hear this legend of love.

Leaders of the countries boasting of huge amount of capitals and high-degree economy are spending their days at the summer resorts and scenic spots, turning their eyes away from the misfortunes and sufferings of their children. And the heartbreaking scene is turning out to be a commonplace, whereby the schoolbags of those children who had lost their lives in the vortex of bloody conflicts and social disturbances in parts of the world had been piled up in front of the United Nations Headquarters, forming a mass tomb. The above are some pictures of the world mirrored through the children of the present time.

Gold can never buy love and affection. And genuine happiness and future cannot be conceivable apart from love and affection.

It is the idea of the benevolent father respected Comrade Kim Jong Un that whatever the heavy burdens and pains are taken to bring up the children, these should be regarded as happiness, not as difficulty. Since we hold him in high esteem, the future of our motherland is truly bright and promising. Keys of all blessings for opening up the doors to everlasting prosperity will soon be pouring endlessly from the schoolbags associated with that love.


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