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Justice Always Prevails

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China has recently issued a white paper “Demographic Development in Xinjiang”, highlighting the balanced and sound demographic and socioeconomic development in Xinjiang.

The white paper noted that the ethnic population has increased from 4,450,000 in 1953 to 14,900,000 as of 2020, and the number of university graduates recorded an increase from 10,613 per 100,000 in 2010 to 16,536 per 100,000 as of now, a remarkable sign of demographic and socioeconomic development incomparable to any stage of history in the past.

It also censured the anti-China forces abroad for scheming to deceive the international society, mislead the world public opinion, and to hinder development and advance of China by fabricating the falsehood of “ethnic cleansing” in Xinjiang.

As has been made public by the Chinese government, the employment in Xinjiang rose from 11,352,400 to 13,301,200 during the period of 2014~2019, and the enrollments in higher education and senior high school education are 453,800 and 1,843,600 respectively (an increase of more than 140,000 respectively since 2014) – a notable qualitative change in the demographic development of Xinjiang.

Targets for socioeconomic development in Xinjiang have also been achieved satisfactorily: the annual per capita disposable income of rural residents has increased from RMB 8,724 to RMB 13,100; and Xinjiang wiped out poverty in 25 poor counties and 3,107 poor villages, whereby a total of 2,923,200 people shook off poverty, and the poverty incidence dropped considerably from 19.4 percent to 1.24 percent.

All these successes cannot be thought of apart from the policies and measures taken by the Party and government of China that are striving to safeguard the sovereign rights of the working people as well as the social stability and prosperity, and to sufficiently provide all ethnics with happy lives.

This being the case, the United States and other Western countries continuously bear repeating “forced labor”, “genocide”, “crackdown on religion” in Xinjiang and doggedly insist on an international investigation. Besides, they are inciting an atmosphere of sanctions and pressure against China, bringing together the riff-raff at a so-called “Uyghur special court”.

The ultimate purpose behind the American and Western attempts to overtly interfere in the internal affairs of China in the name of human rights and to create a disturbance within Xinjiang by spreading all hues of groundless rumor is to internationally isolate China, a socialist state, and to destroy the leadership system of the Communist Party, thus dividing and disintegrating China.

Justice and truth, however, can never be covered with anything.

At the recent 48th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, delegations from 65 countries unanimously demanded that the outside forces should not interfere in the issues of Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, internal affairs of China, rejecting politicization and double standard in addressing the human rights issues.  This is sufficient enough to discern who on this planet is the wrecker of peace and stability and the culprit of posing threats.

The legitimate struggle of the Party, government and people of China for rejecting high-handedness and domination in the international arena and safeguarding territorial integrity and political stability of the country will, in the future, too, enjoy full support of the world progressive countries and peoples.

Kim Il Chol

Researcher, Society for International Politics Study


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