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Japanese “Cyber-Security Strategy” – Scenario for Undisguised Reinvasion

Japanese government, at its cabinet meeting on September 28, adopted the “Cyber-Security Strategy” which has designated our country as well as China and Russia as cyber-threatening countries.

This decision intended to publicize the groundless “threats from its neighbors” prompted strong reaction and denunciation from the neighboring countries immediately after its release.

It is a well-known fact that Japan has been painting as “threats” all of our peaceful launches of satellites and self-defensive measures for strengthening our military capabilities, and been abusing these measures for modernizing its “self-defense forces” and enhancing its actual combat capability, and for ensuring legal and institutional mechanisms for its aggression overseas.

In retrospect, the Japanese imperialists annexed our country in the last century by fabricating all kinds of “treaties” and ran amuck for its invasion of Asian continent under the deceptive slogan of “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

Japan, a criminal state, is attempting to expand at the earliest possible time its present cyber defense unit into cyber defense corps involving its land, sea and air “self-defense forces” under the pretext of countering cyber-attacks of its neighboring countries, and even to set up a cyber-department under its Police Agency.

Simultaneously, it is pouring enormous funds into the domains of space and electromagnetic spectrum, and hell-bent on creating specialized units for these domains.

These military moves by Japan being undertaken under the pretext of “threats from its neighbors” betray its sinister intention to become a military power earlier by expanding the fighting theater of “self-defense forces” into new domains of space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum. This reveals that the Japanese “cyber-security strategy” is a scenario for undisguised reinvasion designed to undermine the regional peace and stability.

The history has engraved with blood who is the aggression force, belligerent force threatening the peace in the Northeast Asian region.

Japan should behave with discretion, keeping to its mind that its dirty trick of having created a pretext for aggression by resorting to falsehood and deception would not work any longer in this bright world of new century.

If Japan jumps again into the road of reinvasion, being oblivious of the lesson of history, it will inevitably face the fate of a tiger moth flying into the flame only to perish.

Kim Sol Hwa

Researcher of Institute for Studies of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK


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