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Human Rights Stratagem Aimed at Violating National Sovereignty

To enjoy genuine rights in a free and equal world without domination and subordination is a long-cherished desire and ardent will of humankind which has been aspired after in the whole course of the development of history.

Rights of humankind can only be ensured and fully realized by a state and society in which the popular masses are the masters.

However, the West is reeling off such preposterous sophism that human rights know no border, that interference into human rights is not interference into internal affairs, etc. under the “logic” that human rights stand above the national sovereignty.

The West currently tarnishes the images of other countries on groundless excuses like “collective forced labor”, “oppression of democratic figures” and does not hesitate to infringe upon sovereign rights in flagrant violation of the international law. This is only a part of the criminal activities being perpetrated by the West based on its “standard of human rights”.

The West sears the independent consciousness of the world people by transforming itself in an eye-catching way under the veil of “safeguarding of human rights” and “democracy”, but it, behind the scenes, indulges in enlisting the criminals, bad lots and anti-government figures to trigger riot, a reason for its justification to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. This is the same old trick used by the West.

The deceptive nature of “human rights” racket by the West entails the grave danger of eliminating the countries by all means, which do not kowtow to it, and dominating the world at any cost.

The human rights farce, which is often produced at no small pain by the West, does not come to an end with its alleged condemnation and outcry but it will end in politicization and internalization leading to an armed invasion and regime change. This is well evidenced by the cases of some countries whose national sovereignties are violated in the clutches of “human rights” racket in the past.

Figures from political and academic circles of a western country revealed that the ultimate goal of the Western “human rights diplomacy” lies in inciting rebellious elements to topple progressive countries and that the “human rights” fight is a “struggle” for winning popularity. This fact alone makes us understand clearly the cunning and vicious nature of the West in its conceived plot to infringe upon the sovereignty and seek a regime change under the signboard of “human rights”.

Today, abusive acts go unchecked on the international arena where impartiality and legality are ignored in solving the human rights owing to the arbitrariness and high-handedness of specific countries and justice is criminalized as injustice driven by the interests of the West.

Today’s tragic reality is that human rights situation of the West – where terrorism, sexual assaults, racial discrimination and drug trafficking, etc. are rife – has never become a subject of proper discussion on global human rights scenes.

The history does not know a precedent where human rights and national sovereignty were guaranteed by compromise and submission, and it vividly shows that any country has never become a target of “human rights” racket by the West even if it served as a rubberstamp for the West.

Human rights immediately are national sovereignty and right to independence of countries and nations, and those can be defended only by struggle. This is the truth and law taught by history.

All the countries of the world aspiring after justice and equality should remain highly vigilant against the West in its human rights stratagem aimed at violating national sovereignty and make strenuous efforts to oppose and reject politicization, double-standard and selectivity of human rights issue.


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