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Great Workers’ Party of Korea that Set Global Example For Building Revolutionary Party

The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) that has invariably maintained its revolutionary character and led the Korean revolution to the victories at all times even in the vicissitudes of international environment now stands in the limelight of the world progressive parties and people.

Looking back upon the annals of the past 20th century and the present 21st century, one could notice that the Korean peninsula was the constant focus of the world.

It is because the Korean peninsula became the hottest spot of the world where the sharp confrontation between justice and injustice, socialism and imperialism, and forces of independence and those of domination stood out after the World War II.

This environment called on the WPK to exert an extraordinary leadership so that the country and nation, just freed from the yoke of colonial rule, could become strong in a short span of time and gain a definite victory in the fierce battle against imperialism.

For the last 76 years since the proclamation of its founding on October 10, 1945, the Workers’ Party of Korea, under the fighting programme for accomplishing the great cause of people’s independence and building a prosperous and powerful country, has vigorously continued its journey of revolution.

Under the revolutionary leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who founded the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea and developed it into an invincible guiding force, thus providing firm guarantee for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche, our Party, constantly holding aloft the banner of the Juche idea, brilliantly resolved the difficult problems facing the world socialist movement at the time when several socialist ruling parties lost direction and drifted around at the end of last century.

It is therefore that the international society is saying in praise of the WPK that the experience gained by the WPK in founding the party and its fighting history serve as a valuable guideline for the world progressive political parties; while there are many political parties around the world, it is only the WPK that gives top priority to the interests of the people, devotes everything for them, and enjoys absolute support and trust of the people; the WPK enjoys unreserved support and trust not only of the Korean people but also of the revolutionary parties and progressive people worldwide.

It is now over 30 years since the collapse of socialism in several countries. Yet, the imposing dignity of our country – firmly protecting the ideal society where the people have become its masters, and dynamically advancing for a powerful socialist country – is a graphical evidence of the outstanding and wise leadership of the WPK.

Under the experienced and seasoned leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the WPK is now continuously inheriting the glorious history and tradition of victory, and fulfilling its mission and duty as a motherly Party that protects the lives, happiness and future of the people and as a servant Party that devotes everything for the people.

The world progressive parties and people are gaining great strength and encouragement from the activities of the WPK which has set a living example for accomplishing the cause of building a revolutionary party in the independent era, and are confident of the victory in the socialist cause from the powerful fluttering of our red Party flag.


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