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Dream of Learning Came True with Liberation

Childhood is a time full of dreams.

During childhood, what children want to realize most is a dream of learning among so many dreams.

But during the period of Japanese colonial rule (1905-1945), most of the children in our country had to harden their feeble bones working in the fields and construction sites, holding hoes and hammers in their hands instead of pencils.

At that time, child labourers and girls working in silk mills became commonplace and their grief-stricken sobs could be heard throughout the country.

It was only when President Kim Il Sung liberated the country in August 15, 1945, that the children of the DPRK could realize their dreams of learning.

Soon after liberation, President Kim Il Sung, who mapped out a far-reaching plan to improve education in the country, put the issue of pencil production as the first item on the agenda to be discussed at the first session of the North Korean Provisional People’s Committee held in February, 1946. He also provided a legal guarantee for doing away with child labour by promulgating the Labour Law in June the same year.

President Kim Il Sung saw to it that many schools were built in all parts of the country. This resulted in building 1,110 primary schools and 217 secondary schools in the northern half of the Republic in a little over 1 year after liberation, allowing our children to fulfil their ardent dreams of learning.

Afterwards, step-by-step measures were taken to perfect the free compulsory education system. Thus, our country became widely known to the world as a country of learning and a country of education.

Children’s dreams of learning came true with liberation. However, this did not come of its own accord, as luck would have it, with liberation of the country.

This was the precious fruition of the noble love for posterity and future by President Kim Il Sung. He regarded educational work as the fundamental issue that decides the rise and fall of the country and nation, and dedicated himself to defending our children’s precious dreams of learning from the early days of embarking on the road of revolution

Inheriting the noble will of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il went through rugged roads to the far-off defence lines to keep the precious dreams of our children safe. Today, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un continues on the road of endless devotion in order to translate into reality the bright and beautiful dreams of our children across the country.

This is why the children of the DPRK shout in loud voices – “We are the happiest in the world”.


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