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Chinese Media Opposes U.S.-South Korea Military Exercise

The Chinese newspaper “Global Times” carried an article on August 11 contributed by a researcher of the Chinese Institute of International Affairs under the title of “Why does China explicitly oppose the U.S.-south Korea military exercise?”

The following is the main content of the article.

On August 10, the United States and south Korea has started summertime joint military exercise of this year.

The U.S.-south Korea joint military exercise conducted on the Korean peninsula is naturally not a normal military exercise but an exercise of special political nature being carried out in a special geopolitical environment.

Washington would doggedly push ahead with the military exercises without distinction as to which party comes to power in the U.S., how the situation in the Korean peninsula shifts, and whether south Korea hesitates or opposes. This push by the U.S. has not originated from its intention to heed the south Korea’s security concerns, but from its unwillingness to give up the means of putting pressure on the DPRK.

The fundamental reason behind the Chinese explicit opposition to the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises is that these military exercises become a great obstacle to the resolution of the issue of the Korean peninsula.

Expanding alliance with south Korea and turning it into a “pillar of regional security” – this is the ulterior purpose lurking behind the U.S. actions of doggedly pushing ahead with the joint military exercises.

If this attempt is left unchecked, the interaction of the U.S. and south Korea, including the joint military exercises, would bring a real danger to East Asia and, by extension, to the Indo-Pacific region as a whole.

This is a matter which should definitely be brought to light when viewing the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises. This also counts as the reason why China strongly opposes the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises.


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