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American-style “Human Rights” – Global Laughing Stock

Amid the worsening immigration crisis in the southern border area of the United States, a video clip showing American border patrols coercively deporting Haitian immigrants by whipping them and a document revealing plights of immigrants living in the U.S. were made public, prompting a huge outcry throughout the international society.

Some of the border patrols riding on horses yelled whirling whips in their hands: “Get out here at once. Go back to your country.” A patrolman even insulted Haitian immigrants by spitting out vulgar language.

In Del Rio, Texas, where more than 14,000 immigrants are swarming in a week, they eke out day after day under the bridges or in environmentally dirty places.

This is the true picture of a “human rights exemplar”, chanted by the U.S. at every opportunity.

The behavior of the border patrols who insulted the immigrants, whirling their whips, is not a problem confined to individuals, but an inevitable consequence brought by the corrupt American society.

The immigration problem wouldn’t have emerged and so many immigrants wouldn’t have been in such an extreme condition as today if the U.S. had not misused the immigration issue for the sake of their party interests.

That is why specialists of many countries are deriding the American “beacon of human rights” as a global laughing stock, commenting that whipping immigrants and using insulting language against them are an undisguised reflection of racial discrimination; this reveals the absurdity of “human rights” and “democracy” claimed by the U.S.; and this systematic racial discrimination is rooted too deep in the U.S to be properly addressed.


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