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A Shorter Way to Great Power

UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), based on its analysis of the correlations between educational period and the rate of economic growth in many countries of the world, had once published an opinion that the rate of economic growth will be increased by more than 9%, if the educational period is extended one year.

Long-term and large-scale investment is the prerequisite to the extension of educational period.

Therefore, many countries of the world take a serious approach towards extending the educational period, though they recognize the importance of education. Moreover, this can be hardly imagined in those countries with political and economic instability.

Nine years ago, in September, 2012, our country adopted the law on enforcing the universal 12-year compulsory education by extending one year of compulsory education for children, and it has been enforcing the law from 2014 on a nationwide scale after one-year preparation period.

It is the noble viewpoint of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on posterity and future that the loss our state suffers for the good of posterity is not a loss, the more expense is paid, the brighter the future of our country will be.

Herein lies the secret to how our country achieved the rapid educational development even in the face of severe challenges and difficulties unprecedented in history as well as a shorter way to leap forward in building a great power.


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