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Responsible Business of Food and Nutrition

Developments in the Food and Nutrition industry continue despite the pandemic: from the consumers’ preference and priority, market trends and environment, as well as available supply of ingredients. To survive, businesses adapt to the fast-changing world, while responding to trends, and translating them into real-life solutions — an example shown by PT IMCD Indonesia, a subsidiary of the Dutch Ingredients forerunner IMCD BV, based in Rotterdam. Ambassador Grijns of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Indonesia, accompanied by Head of the Economic Department Hans de Brabander and the Agricultural Counselor Joost van Uum, delivered a congratulatory remarks to the launching of the company’s UHT (Ultra-high temperature) Plant Lab on 26 January 2021.  

©Dutch Embassy Indonesia/IMCD

Being a well-known sales, marketing, and distributor of specialty food ingredients and flavors as well as chemicals, IMCD Group BV is well equipped with experts and modern technical centers. The company treasures global consumer trends from unique local perspectives; hence it has footprints in over 50 countries worldwide, including Indonesia. In their technical centers and UHT Plant Lab located in Jakarta, various innovations for broad range of real-life solutions are designed, formulated, or reformulated by the local experts to respond to the recent customers’ needs and requirements.

Ambassador Grijns highlighted Dutch core values in value creation and commitment to sustainable economic development. He reiterated that as one of pioneers in the global food ingredients, IMCD may not only stimulate innovative solutions to current challenges. The company is envisioned as a role model in the implementation of Responsible Business Conduct in its commercial activities.

For many of us, this sets an inspiring paradigm that today’s global challenge still offers a lot of opportunities out of it to those who are enthusiastic, inventive and committed to continuous innovation.


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