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Netherlands earmarks €2. 5 billion dollars for support to Ukraine in 2023

News item | 23-12-2022 | 10: 45

Military help will be drawn from the Netherlands’ own stocks and bought from commercial suppliers. The Netherlands is committed to coordinating and collaborating with other countries and the defence industry. This should enhance the effectiveness of arms deliveries for Ukraine’s armed forces whilst limiting the impact on our own. The aid for important reconstruction activities is intended intended for infrastructure repairs (especially power infrastructure), hospitals, housing, agriculture and demining. The government is also providing humanitarian aid and support for the rule associated with law, human rights plus accountability. The amount set aside intended for Ukraine is on top of the particular liquidity support totalling €18 billion being channelled with the EU and the cost of asylum reception in the Netherlands.

In the coming year Ukraine will continue to need considerable international assistance. Russia’s war in Ukraine is still ongoing, and has turned into a war of attrition. Ukraine’s armed forces continue fighting every day for the freedom, security and prosperity of their nation, and thus for that of Europe as a whole. The Dutch government’s decision to earmark funding now sends a clear information of undiminished solidarity with all the people of Ukraine, who are able to count on predictable Dutch assistance for as long as it takes. In 2023 the Netherlands can make €2. 5 billion accessible to support Ukraine. The government needs that this amount will be necessary to provide military aid, assistance essential repair and renovation activities and contribute economically to efforts to fight impunity. The Dutch Cupboard approved the proposal by ministers Liesje Schreinemacher (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation), Wopke Hoekstra (Foreign Affairs), Kajsa Ollongren (Defence) and Sigrid Kaag (Finance). The precise allocation of the contribution will depend on the needs of the Ukrainian individuals, and therefore how the war unfolds in the coming period.

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