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Ambassador Simon van der Burg: ‘Today we say ‘Thank you!’ to our entrepreneurs. They deserve our recognition and support.’

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Today, 19 November, the Netherlands marks the Day of the Entrepreneur! The day on which, we share our gratitude to the people who keep our economies and societies prosperous and flourishing. To those, who discover opportunities, have the courage to invest and the strength to work tirelessly towards success.

Dag van de ondernemer - Simon van der Burg

On that occasion, Ambassador Simon van der Burg and colleagues from the embassy, paid a visit to the HRC Culinary Academy and Kitchen 59 and hosted a lunch with Dutch entrepreneurs, attended by the Bulgarian Startup Association. The ambassador shared our common respect and admiration of the enormous efforts devoted by the companies in times of COVID to keeping the economy thriving and for constantly showing responsibility towards their employees and the environment. He shared appreciation for the great cooperation of the embassy with the Dutch businesses and wished strength and health in these difficult times.

Dag van de ondernemer - Jurrien van de Horst

The Day of the Entrepreneur is celebrated annually every third Friday of November. MKB-Nederland, the Dutch association for SMEs started this day in 2016, thanking every Dutch entrepreneur for their courage and perseverance.

Dag van de ondernemer - HRC Culinary Academy


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