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Second meeting of the IT Coalition Steering Group: identified next steps and priority procurements

During the meeting, after a briefing on the status of ongoing procurements and priorities for 2024, the participating nations and observers of the IT Coalition worked on a roadmap to plan acquisitions to be made in 2024 and the following years. This roadmap allows for better coordination and planning of the contributions of the participating nations.
“Through our support to Ukraine, we defend our common values and contribute to our own security. The IT coalition is an important part of this support, because it helps boost Ukraine’s technological edge on the battlefield. I am glad to say we are making progress with filling Ukraine’s capability gaps through the IT Coalition. In the near term, we can expect more nations to join, as well as additional contributions and first equipment deliveries to Ukraine,” said Undersecretary for Defence Policy at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, Tuuli Duneton.
Note: The IT Coalition is a group of States within the framework of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (“Ramstein format”) led by Estonia and Luxembourg, focused on providing support to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of IT, communication, and cybersecurity.
The IT Coalition Steering Group created four thematic expert groups in order to share expertise. Estonia and Luxembourg announced further financial contributions to the IT Coalition.
On 3 April 2024, the second meeting of the IT Coalition Steering Group took place in Luxembourg, gathering representatives from ten participating nations, seven observer nations, the EU and NATO.
“Since the last Steering Group meeting in February, we have managed to speed up the procurement processes, we have placed the first purchase orders and the first deliveries are on their way. ICT is a game changer and has a direct impact on operations. Hence the importance of the IT Coalition and its activities and why we continue to invite nations to join,” concluded Luxembourg National Armaments Director, Colonel Guy Hoffmann.

Press release by the Directorate of Defence 
“I’m grateful to all coalition members and our partners for continuing to support us. All contributions help address the critical needs of our military and our IT infrastructure. I invite more countries to join our initiative and to continue their support for Ukraine. Contributions and rapid procurement and delivery are what we need most right now, ” said Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Kateryna Chernohorenko addressing the meeting participants.


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