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Israeli FM Cohen and Dutch FM Hanke Bruins Slot meet

FM Cohen emphasized the need to get rid of the Hamas organization and its global and European funding sources.

At the MFA in Jerusalem, FM Cohen and Netherlands FM Bruins Slot met with the kidnapped children’s families this evening. FM Cohen emphasized the need to eliminate the Hamas organization and its funding sources in Europe and the rest of the world during his conversation with FM Bruins Slot, and he urged the Dutch FM to take action against them as well. Israel will fight in accordance with international law of war until its objectives are met and the kidnapped people are brought home, FM Cohen emphasized.

Eli Cohen, the minister of foreign affairs, met with Dutch minister Hanke Bruins Slot today( Sunday, November 19, 2023). Bruins Slot was thanked by FM Cohen for standing by Israel and expressing her solidarity. He also emphasized that Israel upholds international law and wo n’t compromise on protecting Israeli citizens ‘safety. FM Cohen asked the Dutch FM to exert pressure on international organizations and demand that all Gaza-based kidnapped people be freed right away.

FM Cohen: “I implore the Netherlands to take decisive action against the affiliates of the terrorist group Hamas.” We are the ones today, and the entire West will be tomorrow. We must keep attacking Hamas in Gaza while also attacking its funding sources in Europe and elsewhere. Since the October 7 massacre, a lot of people have come to understand Israel’s predicament. This terrorist group is worse than ISIS and is known for murdering and abducting infants, children, women, and the elderly.

I expressed my gratitude to my Dutch counterpart, the foreign minister, for traveling to Israel on Israel’s behalf. In contrast to the Hanas terrorist organization, which uses hospitals and civilians as human shields, as Europe has made clear, I emphasized that Israel abides by international laws of war.

“We heard the heartbreaking tales of Shahar Mor, whose uncles were kidnapped and have been held captive by Hamas for 45 days, and Ofir Engel’s family members, who were both abducted and taken to Gaza,” as well as Osnat Meiri, Keren. The State of Israel and the IDF have a window of international legitimacy to take action against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip thanks to the MFA’s ongoing, intense global activity.

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