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MEA Files at the National Archives of India

Old files of the Ministry of External Affairs are an important source of material for research and reference purposes. Ministry of External Affairs has been making steady progress in declassifying old records and making this accessible to the academic community. 70,000 files were already declassified and transferred to the National Archives of India. In collaboration with the National Archive of India these files have now been catalogued in a user- friendly, searchable format and the titles and file numbers have been uploaded on the Public Diplomacy Website ( http://www.indiandiplomacy.in
External website that opens in a new window) of Ministry of External Affairs. The website also provides information on the modalities of accessing the files at the National archives.

A further 22,000 files will soon be added to this list and efforts are underway to expedite this process further.

New Delhi
June 4, 2012


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