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NATO Defence Ministers focus on deterrence and Ukraine in Brussels

The ministers also met in the NATO-Ukraine Council, where Rustem Umerov, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, reported on the situation on the battlefield, in addition to discussing the support of the Alliance and allies to Ukraine. At the meeting, the implementation and funding of the Alliance’s long-term support plan for Ukraine were also reviewed, and the Ministers agreed to establish a joint NATO and Ukraine analysis and training centre, which will be located in Poland.         Considering a drastically changed security environment following Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the Ministers discussed the efforts that have been made to strengthen the defence preparedness and deterrence capability of the alliance, as well as the importance of adhering to commitments to further increase contributions to defence matters. The Ministers also discussed the implementation of new defence plans and decisions regarding force contributions and capabilities, stockpiling and transport to support the implementation of the defence plans. Additionally, increased cooperation and long-term plans for investments and collaboration with arms manufacturers were discussed to meet the growing need for weaponry and technology to ensure the supplies of alliance countries and ongoing assistance to Ukraine.
Strengthening defence and deterrence and closer cooperation with Ukraine were among the topics of discussion at the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) defence ministers’ meeting in Brussels today. Foreign Minister Bjarni Benediktsson attended the meeting.
“The alliance has undergone rapid changes to meet new and serious security challenges, which are reflected in new defence plans, a more efficient command structure, improved surveillance, and strengthened defence and deterrence. There is a strong consensus on these priorities and all countries are working towards the same goal. In recent years, we have strengthened support for surveillance activities and operations in the North Atlantic, which are important for the security and defence of North America and Europe, but like other allies, we need to contribute more,” says Mr. Benediktsson.


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