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COVID-19: Stricter measures, a 50 person restriction on the number of people at gatherings, and a substantial vaccination push

The Minister of Wellness has, in keeping with the suggestions of the Chief Epidemiologist, chose to implement much stricter disease-prevention measures to contain the distribute of COVID-19 infections. These types of measures will enter into push at midnight. The common restrictions on numbers will be 50 persons, but events with up to 500 participants in each disease prevention compartment may be held if rapid assessments are used. The opening hrs of restaurants will be shortened by one hour. The maximum variety of visitors allowed at open public swimming pools, spas, gyms and ski areas will be 75% of their maximum allowed capability as stated in their operating licences. The regulation on these types of measures will remain in force through 8 December.

The main reason for these stricter procedures is the sharp rise in infections in the country and the resulting developing strain on the health-care system, contact tracing team and quarantine centres. The situation has caused a considerable disruption to varied services at the National College Hospital, as well as a lack of staff members. The Chief Epidemiologist’s memorandum to the Minister states that the Akureyri Hospital is under increasing strain and the same applies to many other health care institutions. The contact tracing team’s actions have been disrupted, quarantine centres are filling up fast as well as the strain on the Medical Hotline and health care clinics has grown because of the pandemic. The Chief Epidemiologist says that strict disease-prevention measures are necessary while efforts are underway to reach common immunity through society through the booster vaccinations that have already started. The plan is to ask around 160, 000 individuals all over the country to receive booster shots before the end of the yr.

Restrictions to happen at midnight, 13 November:

  • The general restriction on numbers is going to be 50 persons: That number does not include children born in 2016 after. This means that no more than 50 persons are allowed to gather, nor indoors nor outdoors, in neither public nor personal spaces.  
  • Social distancing among strangers will be 1 metre: Face masks must be used if this distancing cannot be respected. However , sports concerning physical contact will continue to be allowed for both children and adults. Pre-school children and pupils in elementary school grades one through 4 will be exempt from the 1 metre guideline.
  • Use of face masks: The use of face face masks is required if the 1 metre rule can not be respected, electronic. g. in shops, upon public transport and in routines that require close proximity, electronic. g. in hair salons and spas. Children born in 2006 and after will be exempt from using face masks.  
  • Large events allowed subject to using rapid tests: Events with up to 500 individuals in each disease avoidance compartment may be held if all visitors born prior to 2015 can present a negative result from a rapid test that needs to be no older than 48 hrs. If the 1 metre guideline can not be respected, all visitors shall wear face face masks, with the exception of children born within 2006 and after. The one metre rule can be waived for sit-down events, whereby face masks must be worn. Guests in allocated chairs must be registered by title, personal identification number and telephone number. Refreshments may not be marketed during intermissions. School entertainment events in primary plus secondary schools where speedy tests are used are exempt from the 1 metre principle and face mask requirement.
  • Swimming pools, health spas, gyms and ski locations may obtain up to 75% of their optimum capacity according to the conditions of the operating licence. That number will not include children born within 2016 and after.
  • Opening hours associated with restaurants, etc . Restaurants and other venues that are permitted to serve alcoholic beverages are forbidden to receive clients after 22. 00 they would (10 p. m. ) and all customers must have remaining the venue by twenty three. 00 h (11 p. m. ). Alcoholic beverages might only be served to seated customers. All clients must be registered. Private gatherings in sites that are permitted to provide alcohol must end simply no later than 23. 00 h (11 p. mirielle. ).  
  • Shops plus museums: The general 50 person restriction, 1 metre rule and nose and mouth mask requirement apply to shops plus museums. However , 5 additional customers may be received for each each 10 m2, however no more than up to a total associated with 500 persons.

School activities:

  • The general 50 person restriction applies to school activities, except for children delivered in 2016 and after. Kids born in 2006 and after will be exempt from using encounter masks.
  • Pre-school staff members are not required to wear face masks whenever interacting with pre-school children.
  • Elementary school teachers are usually permitted to remove their encounter masks after the children have sat down in their sessions.
  • Upper supplementary school students and educators are permitted to remove their own face masks after they have got sat down in their sessions.
  • Mixing among school groups is allowed at all school levels.


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