Joint Statement by His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, and His Excellency Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Federative Republic of Brazilian, on the occasion of the check out of President Bolsonaro in order to Georgetown May 6, 2022.
Joint Statement
Released in Georgetown on this 6th day of May 2022

  1. Their Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, prolonged a warm welcome to His Excellency Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Federative Republic associated with Brazil, who led the high-level delegation on an recognized visit to Georgetown on Might 6, 2022, in response to a good invitation from President Ali.
  2. The two Presidents and their respective delegations held wide ranging discussions on bilateral, regional and global issues. They reflected to the challenges being faced at the present juncture, including those related to international peace and security and those occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate modify, and reaffirmed the importance of heightened multilateral action in the attention of the peoples of their particular countries and of the broader community of nations.
  3. The two Presidents underscored the values shared by two countries, including respect for democracy and the principle of law, the defense and promotion of individual rights and fundamental freedoms, and a commitment to lasting development in all its proportions. They further underlined the adherence of the two nations to international law and also to the provisions of the Un Charter, including respect meant for sovereignty and territorial ethics and the pacific settlement associated with disputes.
  4. The 2 Presidents expressed deep problem at the situation in Ukraine and called for a ceasefire, a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and respect meant for international law, including the principles of non-intervention, territorial integrity and the prohibition of the risk or use of force. The two Heads of State also called for a diplomatic solution to address the mounting humanitarian difficulties on the ground. They voiced issue about the economic and interpersonal impacts of the situation, such as the effects of sanctions, on foods security throughout the developing entire world.
  5. The two Presidents reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthen the enduring connections of friendship and cooperation that have subsisted between their particular two countries and to concrete an enhanced partnership for the future aimed at increasing integration, advertising sustainable development, and advancing the wellbeing of their peoples.
  6. The two Presidents reviewed the state of relations between their two nations and took note of the progress that had been made in advancing cooperation across a broad range of sectors and issues. They will recognised that the current conjuncture, characterised by expanded leads for economic and social advancement, represented an inflection point and a transformational opportunity for their bilateral relations. Chief executive Ali and President Bolsonaro agreed to intensify engagement plus collaboration with immediate focus on the following areas:
  7. The two Presidents acknowledged the pivotal importance of infrastructure integration to further unlocking the potential of their own two countries and the broader region. They decided to set up a bilateral working group with all the task of assessing the gains of a Boa Vista-Georgetown road corridor in terms of industry and investment flows, along with identifying possible needs associated with technical assistance and potential private partners and international financial institutions that could contribute to the particular initiative. In that light, additionally they instructed their teams to stay, not later than the 3rd quarter of 2022, the particular measures necessary to enable the full implementation of the Guyana-Brazil International Road Transportation Agreement. They will agreed to advance the process of execution of the Memorandum of Knowing (MoU) signed in November 2020 for the Technical Feasibility Studies for the installation of a fibre optic link among Guyana and Brazil.
  8. President Ali anxious that the establishment of a deep-water port in Guyana, linked with a future road corridor, might have a beneficial impact on the development of business between their two countries and beyond. The possibility of a complementary rail link between the two countries was also raised in this context.
  9. The two Presidents noted that unfolding developments in the energy sector in their respective countries provided scope for an extended bilateral agenda in power cooperation, including environmental aspects. They acknowledged the beneficial cooperation that was ongoing with the exchange of experiences plus knowledge. They expressed their own interest in intensifying the exchange of information between both countries on the respective national power plans, the exchange of experiences in regulatory issues in the oil and gas sector, in addition to collaboration in the prevention associated with oil spill accidents. Chief executive Ali reiterated Guyana’s invitation for Brazilian investment in the energy sector.
  10. The two Presidents ratified the significance of collaboration in the field of electrical interconnection between Brazil, Guyana, People from france Guiana and Suriname, and encouraged the Inter-American Development Bank to proceed with the new phase of the technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies, under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2019 by that institution as well as the energy companies of the interested countries.
  11. Both Presidents committed to broadening the particular scope and expanding the provisions of the Partial Scope Agreement between their two countries. They agreed on the importance of expanding and diversifying agricultural trade between the two countries. They also agreed to work towards the full operationalisation of the Agreement upon Cooperation and Facilitation associated with Investment.
  12. Their own Excellencies welcomed the prospect, within the coming weeks, of a bilateral virtual seminar of the business community of both nations, to be coordinated, on the Brazilian side, by the Brazilian Industry and Investment Promotion Company (Apex-Brasil), focused on new opportunities in the oil and gas sector.
  13. The two Presidents decided to pursue greater collaboration in the area of agriculture and food protection, through the sharing of information and best practices, enhanced collaboration in between their respective research organizations, and the promotion of investment. President Ali invited Brazilian to partner in the enhance of the CARICOM Agri-Food Systems Agenda with the aim of adding to enhanced food and nutrition security in the region.
  14. President Ali invited Brazil to think about cooperating with Guyana in the development of the bauxite sector in light of the changed power situation and the importance of aluminum in clean technology apps.
  15. The two sides noted the substantial assistance that has ensued between the two countries in the areas of protection and defence.
  16. The two Presidents recognised the advantages of continued enhanced collaboration and dialogue in security problems, taking into account evolving threats presented by transnational organised crime, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, corruption and illegal mining. The Presidents welcomed the expanded collaboration among relevant security agencies of the two countries and reaffirmed the importance of promoting the exchange of police intelligence between competent agencies of both countries. They agreed and also to explore the possibility of negotiating particular projects related to the use of remote control sensing images, as an effective cooperation tool to prevent and combat transnational organised criminal offense in their territories.
  17. President Ali welcomed the invitation extended by Brazilian for the participation of Guyanese police officers in training activities and in joint operation marketed by the International Police Assistance Centre, maintained by the Federal Police of Brazil, within Rio de Janeiro.
  18. President Ali conveyed Guyana’s sincere appreciation for the longstanding support extended by Brazil within the training of Guyanese military personnel. Both sides decided to finalize the negotiation of the amendment to the bilateral Protection Cooperation Agreement in order to further dynamize their cooperation.
  19. The Presidents acknowledged the important role which the border communities of Guyana and Brazil play in the advancement the relations between the two countries. They agreed to ensure that the understandings aimed at addressing issues specific to those areas on trade and consular cooperation would be fully plus effectively implemented.
  20. The Presidents agreed to reinforce the bilateral dialogue and collaboration on consular plus migration issues. In this framework, they decided to convene the particular seventh meeting of the bilateral Consular Cooperation Group in 2022.
  21. The 2 Presidents expressed satisfaction at the success of the Brazil-Guyana Technical Cooperation Programme over the years plus underlined the importance of giving new impulse to the bilateral cooperation agenda, with the convening of the second Meeting of the bilateral Working Group on Technical Cooperation in 2022.
  22. President Ali conveyed Guyana’s sincere gratitude to President Bolsonaro for the generous support provided by Brazil in regards to health, particularly by means of regular donations of medicines and by recently offering the donation of vaccines against COVID-19 and several other diseases. Chief executive Bolsonaro also gratefully recognized Guyana’s support to Brazilian in the combat of filariasis.
  23. The two Presidents witnessed the signing of the following bilateral agreements:

  • Treaty between the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Worldwide Legal Cooperation in Civil Matters;
  • Treaty between the Co-operative Republic associated with Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Shared Legal Assistance in Unlawful Matters;

  1. They celebrated also the conclusion of the negotiations, within the context of preparation from the visit, of the following agreements and expressed their expectation that they will soon be signed by the competent authorities:

  • Treaty on Transfer of Sentenced Persons between the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil;
  • Interinstitutional Cooperation Contract between the Guyana Police Force of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and the Federal Police from the Federative Republic of Brazilian;
  • Interinstitutional Assistance Agreement Between the Guyana Police of the Co-operative Republic associated with Guyana and the Federal Highway Police of the Federative Republic of Brazil, on Cooperation for the Exchange of Information upon Public Security, Prevention and Fight Against Organized Crime.

  1. The two Presidents welcomed the outcome of their discussions in Paramaribo on January 20, 2022, with His Excellency Chandrikapersad Santoki, Chief executive of the Republic of Suriname. They reaffirmed their commitment to advancing cooperation between Brazil, Guyana and Suriname for the sustainable development of the Northern part of the South American Continent. They commended their colleague President Santokhi for this initiative.
  2. At the wider regional level, the two Presidents reaffirmed their dedication to regional integration and also to the preservation of Latin America and the Caribbean like a zone of peace plus sustainable development. They agreed on the need for further integration associated with Latin America and the Caribbean, including the pursuit of closer assistance and exchange of experiences between MERCOSUR and CARICOM.
  3. They committed to work for the strengthening of regional and hemispheric organizations, including the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation, the Forum for that Progress and Integration of South America and the Organisation associated with American States.
  4. The two Presidents agreed on the importance of the observance of the principles of peaceful settlement and of territorial integrity, in the construction of international law, in the resolution of any differences in the region.
  5. The 2 Presidents agreed that every opportunity should be taken to maintain the dialogue between them and their 2 countries.
  6. The President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, expressed his gratitude towards the government and people of Guyana for the warm welcome plus hospitality extended to him and his delegation during the go to.

Recognized Visit of His Excellency Jair Bolsonaro, President from the Federative Republic of Brazilian, to the Co-operative Republic associated with Guyana
May 6, 2022


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