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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statements following their meeting with Minister of International Affairs of Gabon, Jordan Moussa-Adamo (Libreville, 13. 01. 2023)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statements following his meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gabon, Michael Moussa-Adamo (Libreville, 13.01.2023) It is a great enjoyment to be today in Gabon, in Libreville. It is my second trip here yet our third meeting with Jordan, and I have to say, our regular meetings demonstrate the importance that both countries attach to the implementation of the Memorandum on Political Consultations that was authorized between our countries within November 2021. And of course, the strong political will to move our relations further. In summary, I believe that today’s conference is another step towards the development of our relations and of the friendship. Also, we discussed the way you could cooperate on the issues of maritime security. For all of us, being a maritime power, piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is of huge concern. We all support various EU projects and initiatives in this region. You want to have close cooperation along with Gabon. Furthermore, I would like to thank Jordan and the President of Gabon for supporting Greece’s bet for the election to the Security Council as a non-permanent associate for the period 2025-2026. I would, also, like to say that all of us supported the election associated with Gabon to the Security Authorities for the period 2022-2023. And are very happy that Gabon is a member of the United Nations’ Security Council. Another field that we can work together will be La Francophonie. Regarding this, I would like to highlight in particular the major effort that Gabon is making. Gabon’s plans to protect forests, to achieve sustainable development and its long-standing dedication to preserve the natural environment are usually truly commendable and a good example. I sincerely believe that Gabon could preserve them with solutions on a number of problems we are facing in addressing environment change. I sincerely believe that other countries, not only within Africa, but also throughout the world can follow and assist the international effort to deal with environment change. A phenomenon which has no borders, a global problem that, if not addressed, will have catastrophic consequences for the planet. My visit here has also been informative in this respect. And I was advised in detail by the Gabonese Minister of Environment, Lee Whitened, on the environmental challenges from your African perspective. I can just say that we can do a lot more together to address climate alter. As a European Union member, also, we could work together with Gabon in the field of migration. The immigration phenomenon is not only confined within the Mediterranean, it exists furthermore in Africa, and a big part of the migrants coming to European countries come from Africa. Thanks to hosting me today, thanks to your great hospitality and thank you for your friendship. Dear Michael, Your Excellency, dear Minister, During our meeting in Athens last This summer, we signed Memoranda upon environment and tourism. I am very happy that today all of us signed three more MoUs on military training, on culture and on sports. Which is another step to enhance the bilateral relations. Gabon, as I said, is a member of the United Nations Security Council. This gives us another opportunity to work closer together to address global issues and global issues. Preserving and restoring serenity, fighting poverty, tackling climate change. Furthermore, we discussed today the way we can expand bilateral trade and our economic relations. We are ready to transfer know-how as well as to invest and give rise to the economy of Gabon in various fields, such as energy, agriculture, food, construction, travel and leisure. Greece, we believe, can assist this beautiful country in all those sectors. Unfortunately, this era, tragic events are unfolding in Europe. Expansionist powers are trying to implement revisionist suggestions. The world has to stand collectively against unlawful past-century practices, whether they take place in Ukraine or anywhere else. Also, Greece’s international policy promotes dialogue, in line with the UN Charter and in accordance with International Law and International Law of the Sea. And I have to underline that Gabon, like Greece, is a country that has subscribed to the UNCLOS, the UN Convention on International Law of the Sea. And as I have stated during our meeting within Athens, Gabon is an sort of referring the issue of maritime delimitation with Equatorial Guinea towards the International Court of Justice. This is of great value for instance. And also, we had the opportunity to discuss issues of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. This will be important as we warmly welcome the involvement of Gabon in the ninth “Our Ocean Conference”, which will be hosted in Greece within 2024.   We believe that Gabon should play a very important role in this Conference.


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