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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias statement following the putting your signature on of the Memorandum of Knowing on Political Consultations between the Foreign Ministries of Greece and Mozambique (Maputo, 25. 01. 2023)

And, really, our own agenda is to try to help as much as we can in our capacity as a European country and as a member of the EU. We now have a presence already in Mozambique, we have a community here. I am so happy that it will exist and it is a linking bridge between the two countries. But , also, we take part in the EUTM. Please convey to Minister Μacamo the warmest wants of the Greek Government and myself for a speedy recuperation. You are in a critical part of the world. In the fastest growing continent, using the fastest growing population, that will faces also problems that are typical to all of us. So , thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for being type enough to receive me within this wonderful country. I am looking towards many occasions of meetings and to enhance our relations. Thank you for your presence. For us this is an important document. It opens a line of communication. We will be happy to receive you or whoever the Ministry chooses in Athens the soonest. I am very happy to be right here today, especially with somebody whose first name can be Aristides, which is so near to us.


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