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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ speech during his visit to the SAHETI Greek School (Johannesburg, 24. 01. 2023)

With the aim to assist and contribute to your time and efforts, I would like to announce a symbolic donation from our side to the “George Bizos” Believe in Fund, in order to offer the chance to many more students to be component of this excellent school.
Thank you so much for the great opportunity to address you.
Women, gentlemen,
I am so very pleased, today, to be here along with you in this most remarkable college. This school is known to Portugal as one of the best educational institutes abroad. The educational approach in this particular school equips all of you with values and principles to be remembered as productive members of our modern society.
Honorable Mr. Chief executive of the Federation of Hellenic Communities,
It is the duty to assist, in whatever way we are able to, those children who would like to attend this great school but have no the means to do so. This is why we -the Greek State- are contributing today to The “George Bizos” Scholarship plus Bursary Fund, so that even more students with high aspirations and potential could be given the opportunity to study here, at the excellent school.
I can’t tell you just how happy I am to have received the opportunity to visit your college today; a school also known in Greece as one of the best Ancient greek educational institutions in the world.
I share the particular vision of the founders of SAHETI School. An academic institution open to all; implementing, thus, our Ancient Greek ancestors’ belief that anybody whom engages in Greek education, participates in what the President just mentioned, in the Greek cast, in fact , in the global cast.
And may I also express our emotion, as I noticed children proudly wearing traditional Greek uniforms and, if I am not mistaken, those through my homeland, Corfu. Your own school has demonstrated in practice its high level of quality, and the qualifications it offers to its graduates. The constant successes in the Greek vocabulary examinations are impressive.   They are even more impressive because they come from great children that have no Greek origins. And I was happy to learn that you simply excelled in the final High School “matric” exams last week.
[Speaking in Greek] Above all else, my beloved children,
[Concluding in English]
Honorable Mr. Chairman from the Board of Directors,


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