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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ remarks at the Hellenic Parliament during the debate to the censure motion against the govt (Athens, 26. 01. 2023)

With efforts of a fake narrative, the “Blue Homeland”. Also, on the Cyprus concern, with efforts to improve the pseudo-state, with attempts to create a fait accompli.
It really is commonly acknowledged that the Ruskies invasion of Ukraine has signaled the overthrow from the International Order. And Turkish revisionism is attempting to upset the balance that has defined relations in our wider region.
I believe that Greek diplomacy has brought a decisive step into the particular 21st century. Our country will be changing. We are moving forward. Of course , there are errors and omissions – as there will often be. And unlike other ideological areas, we do not state any infallibility. We always have the possibility of communication. We keep our ears open and remain open to bona fide criticism and dialogue.
We will keep deconstruct calmly and soberly the false claims hurled against us with quarrels – always based on International Law – as to become alarmed to engage in quarrels to the level of absurdity.
We have been divided, time and again, on international policy issues, since our War for Independence, within 1915, in 1922, and 1944, resulting in a heavy cost. I am convinced, however , that all this now belongs to the past.
The national strategy, in fact, does not belong exclusively to the party or government.   The policies implemented simply by each government concern the whole state, the entire nation. Consequently , I reiterate, national understanding is absolutely necessary.
Yet we believe that Greece has got the potential to stand high, being an ambitious, confident, indie, strong country. I always like to say, a country which has both grown and extended. And I believe it is very important it has grown. This is historically precise.   It is the first time since 1947 that the national place has expanded.
We are seeking to turn the country into a pillar associated with stability, but also an energy hub, and I believe we are attaining it. Of course , we are aware that the forces of revisionism, forces that threaten international, and regional security are annoyed by all this; forces that are increasing their provocative conduct, engaging in North Korean-style threats of missiles that could supposedly hit Athens and our cities; with words, with statements even in the Parliament of the neighboring country that Greece, supposedly, has no sovereignty over the islands if they are not demilitarized.
As you know, I have made 235 visits, and attended more than 300 meetings, in 73 countries, with 104 associated with my counterparts. I have met sixteen Ministers for the first time in the history of our country. The Greek Foreign Minister fulfilled them for the first time. Also, various other countries with which we had no contacts for decades. A Ancient greek Foreign Minister had not been in order to South Africa for 25 years.
Of course , the particular agreements with Italy and Egypt regarding the delimitation of Exclusive Economic Zones are usually of particular importance. Contracts that highlight International Regulation and the Law of the Ocean as the sole legal vehicle.
And I want to be clear. The perception, In my opinion, not only of the government yet of the entire Greek political world and society, would be that the Turkish people, the vast majority of them want peace, they do need stability and cooperation with Greece.
In addition , in the context of the fifth group, we have developed relations along with emerging countries, and rising powers, that share the views on many things: Japan, India, other important nations in the Indo-Pacific, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia, with which we are linked by the Greek Diaspora.
We have highlighted environmental diplomacy.
Thank you very much.
We have signed historic agreements. During this government’s period, we have signed 311 agreements, ranging from strategic cooperation to defense assistance. But also, in areas such as tourism, schooling, culture, sports, economy, business, and environment.
We all respond with the truth. We stand by our friends, our own allies, those who do not issue the Treaties, those who affirm Greece’s sovereignty over its islands, who reject dreams, and who affirm what is self-evident: that the logic of the 19th century, the period of the gunboats, is long gone.
All these achievements bear the particular stamp of the first Mitsotakis government. They create nationwide “acquis” rather than partisan types.
And I would like to request this “acquis” not to be broken in the run-up in order to elections. Especially, at a time when our eastern neighbor is definitely maintaining its aggressive unsupported claims in full force.
Because unity is an indispensable factor as regards national success. And I believe that from 1 we have sought, and to a certain extent succeeded, in reinforcing the “acquis” of national understanding as regards the basic choices of our foreign policy.
Dear colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen MPs, this really is our foreign policy. I believe that Greece’s possibilities and opportunities in the investment, power, and economy sectors are actually highlighted.
There’s the third circle that issues the wider region of the Middle East, the Gulf of mexico, North Africa, and the extremely close relations that we maintain with Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and other countries.
The government, since the very beginning of its tenure, has adapted the national strategy to the demands of the times. With a solid national perception that has allowed the country not only to react, but also to create conditions that strengthen it, transforming it into a modern, hospitable, open-to-innovation, tolerant, outward-looking state, installing the foundations for its geopolitical upgrading.
Africa is much closer to us than we think. As you know, There are already visited 12 nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, together with North African countries.   I believe that this is important designed for Greece.
Furthermore, there is the circle regarding the Traditional western Balkans. We promote stability and peace. We have generally believed that the European perspective of the Western Balkans with the “Thessaloniki Agenda”, is the only solution in an extremely challenging and quite volatile region.
A government that has left behind the particular phobic “syndromes” of the past, that has left behind anachronistic stereotypes, outdated practices, and yesterday’s concepts. This is because we are a celebration that believes in identical opportunities and in a modern state that must meet the needs of its citizens. I always say that Brand new Democracy is a popular party that does believe in social cohesion, in solidarity, in the financially weak, while also advertising national unity.
All these nations respect International Law as well as the International Law of the Sea. Of course , we do not forget the large and fastest growing, with regards to economy and population, region of Africa.
Greece furthermore does not forget the Palestinian problem. But I believe that we need to acknowledge that we foresaw plus understood the new architecture from the region long before the “Abraham Accords”.
The world has changed. Furthermore, there are attempts to change our neighborhood. We have a fundamental option, a cornerstone: International regulation, respect for territorial ethics and sovereignty of all states, for the promotion of tranquil settlement of disputes, and good neighborly relations.
In addition , there are our defense agreements: 2 with the United States, one agreement with France, and one with all the United Arab Emirates. As you well know, we are “running” three campaigns within the United Nations. One for the Security Council -we have secured 114 pledges for support in writing-, but also for the obama administration of the General Assembly as well as for participation in the Human Rights Council. Never before has this particular occurred in the history of the particular Greek state.
This is the policy associated with principles and values that we get chosen. A policy which is not really opportunistic, not for internal consumption. Based on the principles that people promote systematically, and methodically from our neighborhood to every corner of the globe.
Ladies and gentlemen MPs, I got told you many times about the 6 circles of our foreign policy. The European circle. In addition to that, the circle that includes our relations with the United States. We mentioned earlier the two amendments to the Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement.
Because these are the factors that will provide growth and prosperity to the region. And this is what Greece is seeking: peace, balance, and cooperation.
We have strengthened current friendships, formed new ones, strengthened old alliances, and built new ones. We have established an unprecedented nexus of relations, bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral relations.
And I want to ask you not to allow the particular toxic climate that appears to be forming in the run-up to polls to poison national unanimity.
I reiterate the Greek position on the Cyprus problem.   For us, Cyprus will not lie far away. And we will not really stop responding: to every letter, to every illegal and unsubstantiated statement, to every illegal plus null and void agreement, to every rhetoric against all of us.
We must protect this national unanimity. I am confident that, in a soul of unity on our nationwide issues, the government of New Democracy party will continue to effectively defend them in its 2nd four-year term. I believe I am entitled to ask our colleagues to give the government a vote of confidence today and the Greek society to do so in the coming elections.
Greece, democracies in general, never respond to propaganda with propaganda. After all, that is what sets apart the democratic world from authoritarianism.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ remarks at the Hellenic Parliament during the debate on the censure motion against the government (Athens, 26.01.2023) N. DENDIAS: Ladies and gentlemen MPs, the debate around the censure motion submitted with the Main Opposition provides all of us with an opportunity to present the track record before Parliament.
This track record that people will also present before the determine, the ultimate judge of us all of the, namely the Greek people, in a few months’ time. Because citizens always judge based on the work performed and realistic policy discourse. And you will let me, without, I believe, any particular unnecessary optimism, to express my belief that society can renew its confidence within New Democracy and the Mitsotakis government.
And, of course , there’s our presence in international organizations. We spoke earlier about the three campaigns within the United Nations.
The Hellenic Parliament must support them, if I may say so , and contribute in this path. With bipartisan and, at the same time, cross-party support, away from petty expediencies.


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