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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ remarks at the Hellenic Parliament during the debate in the draft law “Ratification of the state budget for the fiscal year 2023” (Athens, sixteen. 12. 2022)

Mr. Speaker, please just allow me 1 comment. I do not plan to offer an extended response, which would be appropriate to some of the issues highlighted by the honorable colleagues during parliamentary scrutiny, as well as those raised in private briefings of the parties’ representatives or in our discussions in the Ministry, which, regardless, you know are regular.
They do, however , create national acquis- which belongs to everyone. As well as the Greek Parliament must support and strengthen the nationwide acquis, far from petty partisan calculations.
With some countries, we have experienced no contact for decades. We have developed an unprecedented network of relations and cooperation; we signed historic Agreements.
I believe that we get left behind for good the “syndrome” of a phobic, enclosed, and entrenched Greece.
Sixth, we have strengthened our presence in International Organizations, in all multilateral fora, maintaining relations with all members of the United Nations Protection Council, aside from the United States plus France.
Third, we have advertised the consolidation of safety and stability in the broader region of the Middle East, the Gulf, and North Africa. We have developed very close relations with Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. We foresaw the new protection architecture of the region even before the Abraham Accords were published. We perceived ahead of time the rapprochement of the Arab countries with Israel.
For the first time in our background, we have been running three political election campaigns. The first one is for the particular United Nations Security Council for that 2025-2026 term, the second for your Human Rights Council within 2028-2030, where we have certainly not been elected before, and the last one for the Obama administration of the United Nations General Set up in 2035, where we now have also never been selected before.
That would be wrong. For us, it would be incorrect. It might be beneficial for New Democracy in view of the elections, however it would be detrimental to the country.
Dear co-workers, we will not stop responding to these. We will not end responding to every letter, to any or all sorts of rhetoric against all of us, to every null and gap agreement. In coordination with our partners, our friends, along with our allies.
Particularly regarding the main choices of our foreign plan.
We all also do not forget the environment. It does not take great, global challenge in our times. In this regard, we are arranging, together with the USA, the “Our Ocean Conference” in 2024.
Ladies and gentlemen MPs, as I stated before, we have implemented a strategy based on six series.   Firstly, we improve our relations with our Euro partners. With countries such as France, we have developed strategic relations.
I would like the timeline of the escalation of Turkish claims against A holiday in greece, from 1974 to the present, to be recorded in the minutes.
Thank you completely.
We have not really forgotten Africa, the region with the greatest economic plus population growth. I have frequented nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa. We have opened a new Embassy in Senegal, the first one in French-speaking West Africa.
This also pertains to our relations with other countries that are contracting parties towards the Treaty of Lausanne, the particular Treaty of Paris, as well as the Montreux Convention. Countries that will affirm what is self-evident, namely the sovereignty of Greece and the sovereignty of A holiday in greece over its islands. Nations that reject Turkish fantasies. Fantasies that we will continue to deconstruct calmly and rationally using arguments based on Worldwide Law.
It has developed metaphorically, as much as literally. It is the first time since 1947 that we get expanded our national place. And these national successes carry the stamp of the 1st tenure of the Mitsotakis govt.
It is not accurate. Aside from that, it is far from proper, nor in our national interest, for the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs to predetermine the stance from the superpower’s government or the legal bodies.
In terms of support for our positions on capital issues, you are witnessing the fruits not only from the Oughout. S. government. Please note the legislative power in the United States.   Legislation including the “EastMed Act” and the “U. S. : Greece Defense and Interparliamentary Partnership Act” indicate the level of our countries’ relations.
Therefore , I am confident that we may avoid the challenges of the previous, and that we will seek general opinion on major national choices. And I would like to assure you that the New Democracy Federal government, in its second term pursuing the elections, will continue to successfully defend our national curiosity.
We have authorized approximately 300 Agreements. Two years ahead of the vote on our political election to the United Nations Security Council, we have secured 111 pledges of support in writing.
I believe that we may all agree that the geopolitical footprint of the country continues to be significantly enlarged. Türkiye is annoyed by this. I have to say that this should not be the case. Türkiye should seek to be part of the new reality, first through de-escalation and subsequently through dialogue.
All of us are aware that the Russian attack of Ukraine has overturned the International Order once we had perceived it by then. As we simply say, “the world has changed”.
Our own relations with the United Kingdom, plus China are well-known.
Dear colleagues, the national strategy of recent years has made Greece a credible and reliable player. A nation with ambition and self-esteem. A country that has cultivated during the last 3. 5 years.
I am available to provide you with details you require. I’m also readily available for any constructive comments you may have. Because the Mitsotakis government will not claim that it does everything properly or is the exclusive proprietor of the absolute truth.
We believe that the 19th-century doctrines are long gone. And are certain that the European people, the vast majority of them, desire peace; they do want balance and cooperation with A holiday in greece. Because these are the factors that bring growth and prosperity.
I have to say, however , that these developments have verified the Mitsotakis government’s decision to redefine our international policy. That is, to respond to current challenges with measurable actions and results, instead of resting in verbal clichés.
We have clashed numerous times in the history of our party, and I need to admit that we have been defeated many times. Allow me to remind you of the proposed reform around the “Substantial Shareholder” in public purchase. But even our beats make me tremendously proud. Mainly because those defeats are the ethical legacy of our party. These are living proof that Brand new Democracy with its choices “was on the right side” in big confrontations.
Furthermore, we have authorized Agreements with the United States, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, within the framework of strategic cooperation and defense assistance.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ remarks at the Hellenic Parliament during the debate on the draft law “Ratification of the state budget for the fiscal year 2023” (Athens, 16.12.2022) INTRODUCTORY REMARKS
So , I would like to help make just one comment on the F-16s issue. Some of the information about the US agreement to modernize the Turkish F-16s, appearing within the online media and push is not accurate.
We have authorized Agreements with Italy plus Egypt on the delimitation associated with Exclusive Economic Zones.
2nd, we have upgraded our relationships with the United States to a main concern, assisted, I must say, by significant Greek Diaspora.   I have signed two amendments to the Defence Cooperation Agreement.
5th, we have established relations along with powers that share the same views, values, and values as we do on Global Law and on the International Law of the Sea. Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia, with whom we are linked by the Greek Diaspora.
We will not slip into the sphere of absurdity or the world of aggression.
But quite frankly, in addition to the regular party representatives’ briefings, I am always available. The next round will take place instantly, at the beginning of next year.
Mainly because I can’t stop reminding you that Hellenism is definitely divided on foreign policy issues. Whether during the 1821 revolution, the national department in 1915, the great catastrophe in 1920-22, or the Municipal War in 1944. We now have always paid a high price for it.
Apart from economic growth, however , there is a major challenge: preserving our social cohesion and supporting the economically fragile, because we are all aware that there is inflation.
The foundation has been agreed upon and is usually International Law: respect for the sovereignty and integrity of most states, as well as promotion associated with peaceful settlement of conflicts within the framework of International Law and the United Nations Rental.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
Mr. Loudspeaker, Ladies, and Gentlemen MPs, I will attempt to be as brief as possible, despite the Speaker’s courtesy.
Therefore , allow me to distribute for the minutes the roadmaps that indicate how European revisionism has escalated with time.
Fourth, we have advertised stability and peace within the Balkans, especially in the Western Balkans. I believe everyone in the space, or nearly everyone, agrees that joining the European household is our sole approach to peace and stability. In a few days I will be touring the Traditional western Balkans.
On the contrary, Türkiye is creating enemies from the Aegean towards the other side of the Ocean and is seeking constant stress attempting to justify its apparent revisionism and expansionism along with utterly unfounded arguments. This violates International Law on a daily basis.
A dialogue on our singular dispute on a certain obvious basis: International Law and the International Law of the Ocean. And primarily without dangers of war, missile dangers, or threats of “arrivals at night”.
The government has also sought to boost the acquis of national understanding from day one.
A Türkiye that will respect the EL Charter and the resolutions of the United Nations and will cooperate to settle problems within the framework associated with International Law and the International Law of the Sea.
Over the last 3. 5 years, we have implemented a concrete, coherent national technique, which is outward-oriented, modern, and up-to-date.   I believe the fact that foundations for a lasting geopolitical upgrade of our country are actually laid.
In addition , I would like to seize the opportunity to express, once again prior to the Hellenic Parliament, Greece’s great satisfaction with President Sisi’s recent decree on the delimitation of the maritime border between Egypt and Libya. In my opinion it is a fact that the strategic romantic relationship we have created with Egypt encourages regional security and balance.
We have also pursued our participation within regional organizations: Lusophony, ASEAN, and SICA, where i was granted observer status upon December 9. Organizations there were not previously participated in.
Plus New Democracy is, by definition, a people’s party and a highly moral celebration. Because we are all aware in this room that New Democracy has not been the main political selection of this country’s economic elites.
First of all, as regards the sense associated with security, but also in terms of boosting tourism, and increasing direct foreign investment. In the period 2020 – 2021, we all reached 5. 3 billion. We surpassed 40 billion in exports. Greek diplomacy acknowledges the importance of contributing to the particular economic sector. It has today entered the 21st century. But the Ministry of Foreign Matters should likewise enter the modern world. And to that end, we are making structural reforms in Services Abroad, streamlining Services Abroad, and implementing groundbreaking digital projects. To cut a long story short, in 2 years’ time there will be a totally different Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
We now have increased human and money; 150 new employees have got joined the Ministry plus operating costs have improved by 33%, from forty eight million in 2020 in order to 64 million.
We have signed Agreements on tourism, education, tradition, sport, economy, and business.
We have served this policy. I have produced 223 visits and I have got held hundreds of meetings; I have visited 68 countries; You will find met over 100 associated with my counterparts. Also, fifteen Ministers have met a Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs for the first time.
I am sincerely proud of this and I would certainly also like to thank the particular parties for their contribution.
We are at your disposal to discuss and make improvements plus corrections. However , thank you quite definitely. Because, always, I state it and I have to recognize it – and that’s an accomplishment – it has not always been this way; I have already been in this Room for several years now. Because as regards foreign policy affairs, the National Abordnung and the parties have consistently acted responsibly, as conditions and challenges dictate.
Ladies and men MPs, our foreign plan is not isolated from the Ancient greek citizens. It concerns every single one of us.
All this proves and shows something else, which you are all aware of since we are discussing the budget: Under the Mitsotakis government, A holiday in greece has grown at double the particular European average rate associated with 5. 6%.
This is our objective. This is the kind of Türkiye A holiday in greece is looking for. Just as it seeks good neighborly relations and stability with everyone within our wider region.


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