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Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ radio message towards the Greek Diaspora on the “New Pan-Hellenic Voice” Greek radio stations station (Johannesburg, 24. 01. 2023)


Therefore , I am addressing the Greek diaspora, which is an important link between Greece and South Africa. I had the chance earlier today to see the pulse, the energy associated with Johannesburg’s Hellenism, which respects the homeland, upholds traditions, and spreads the core values of our culture. Plus, of course , I was so touched to read the “Know Thyself” moto on the SAHETI College Coat of Arms. I used to be moved to see children at school proudly wearing conventional Greek costumes and dance the dances of the homeland, Corfu. I was proven around the Greek sports club and the radio station premises, another two historical establishments of the Greek presence.
As you know, the country made great strides in recent years, turning into an attractive place to study, function, live and invest. Therefore , while we are sincerely joyful that Diaspora Greeks are doing well in South Africa, I would really prefer to assure you that Greece is close, and is nevertheless a welcoming homeland for everyone, a homeland that loves you for Hellenism beyond the borders. I thank you warmly and from the bottom associated with my heart for this excellent opportunity.
We thank you for this great opportunity and it is with great joy and emotion that I address the particular Greek women and men of S. africa today from the frequency of the “New Pan-Hellenic Voice” Ancient greek radio station.
Maintaining close connection with the homeland is a lot more important. Especially at this time when Greece is facing significant challenges from an intense neighbor, as we all know, exactly who threatens us on a regular basis, despite having regard to our inalienable legal rights, who is escalating its claims and sharpening its rhetoric. To all this, our nation responds with calm, self-confidence, and with a sincere desire to have dialogue, while shielding its defense and reinforcing the alliances, at the same time.   We have been, therefore , mobilizing all our own forces, both at home and abroad, in our country’s usa fight. And I would like to give thanks to all those who are closely following developments in Greece, making our positions known, plus defending our rights.