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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statement to Greek journalists during his visit to Odessa (Odessa, 12.07.2022)

minister-of-foreign-affairs-nikos-dendias-statement-to-greek-journalists-during-his-visit-to-odessa-odessa-12072022It is a great pleasure to be back in Odessa today, first of all, to meet with the Mayor, G. Trukhanov and discuss how to coordinate the joint effort so that Odessa’s historical center be designated as a cultural monument protected by UNESCO, a World Heritage Site. In this way we can create a cultural shield to protect this historic site from the consequences of war.
It is a historical centre that is linked to Greece, first of all because this is where the Greek Revolution began. The building where the Greek Revolution began is here and is owned by the Greek State. But the Opera House building -where we are now- also links us to Odessa. It is a building that was constructed under the mayoralty of Grigorios Maraslis, a Greek who has also benefited Greece in many ways. Marasleio is the name of the Town Hall in my home island, Corfu, as well.
So, we decided, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, which will provide us with two experts, as well as with the expertise already gained by the successful attempt to make Corfu a World Heritage Site, in order to help Odessa meet the criteria so as to be included in the list of World Heritage Sites very soon.  
In addition, I met with members of the Greek diaspora and Greeks who left Mariupol and are now here.
In a short while, I will be briefed on the overall situation by the Head of the Regional Military Administration of Odessa.
I will also have the opportunity to attend the signing of an Αgreement with the Odessa State Archives, where the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs will co-fund an initiative to digitize the part of the archives relating to the Greek presence here.
The Mitsotakis government, Greece is making every effort to protect both Odessa itself and the elements of our own cultural presence here from the consequences of war.


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