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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statement following his visit to St . Nicholas’ Ancient greek School in Tema, Ghana (Accra, 12. 01. 2023)

Again, thank you so much for the extreme joy you might have given me today. And, I am sorry but , you know, Grown-ups sometimes get a little expressive. Again, thank you so much deep from your bottom of my cardiovascular. Thank you. All the best to your lifestyles. Thank you. Well, I have to say that St . Nicholas for us, for the Ancient greek government, for the Greek Leading Minister Mitsotakis is some thing very important. First of all, we would like to acknowledge what the Tsakos Base has done for St . Nicholas, and what Mytilineos has done intended for St . Nicholas. It is extremely important, extremely important, in Africa which is the fastest growing country in the world, to have a good education. And what we are trying to do, dear Fathers, is not to improve reality but just to fixed a small example. What is important is that it comes deep from everybody’s heart. And I am coming here also with a small donation which will allow the young to become constructive and also, more importantly, to make a basketball team. As you know, we Greeks are good at golf ball. We have won the Euro championship. We have even gained over the United States once. Yet there is a small request I would really like to put to your kind view. I would please ask you for a name in that field. A name that combines Greece with Africa. I would be very proud when, when I come again, to see you playing on that will basketball field, the name of the industry would be “Giannis Antetokounmpo”. Dear Fathers, dear students, ladies and gentlemen, my dear Jennifer, I am touched to be here again, after one year. And make sure you allow me, first of all, to say that I will be returning, not within my capacity as a Minister, but for the years to come, there is an English saying, “where my tresses would have grown thin”, but you understand I cannot say that being an expression.


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