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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ article in “Eleftheros Typos tis Kyriakis” newspapers (issue of 25/12/2022 to become published on 24/12/2022)

Greece’s foreign policy is governed by principles and values, including the quest for conditions of stability and security, respect for the sovereign rights of each country, abidance by the International Law and the International Law of the Ocean, and commitment to the tranquil settlement of differences.
In this regard, the main pillars of our foreign policy can be described as follows:
The increased refugee flows facing Greece and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region are another aspect of the current crises.
Our cooperation with Parts of asia, such as India, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, with whom we share common roles on international developments, and also Australia, the continent that will hosts a thriving plus dynamic Greek community.
In an increasingly complex international and regional environment, we are experiencing a time associated with radical upheaval. A war on the European continent, subsequent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – a reality that we regarded inconceivable only a few months ago – brings the concept of revisionism to the fore with particular intensity and triggers a number of crises – energy plus food – with global implications.
In order to address the particular challenges and capitalize in the opportunities presented by this complex and demanding atmosphere, our primary concern is to pursue a constructive and responsible foreign policy.
Right from the beginning of this article, I known Turkey as the principal recommend of revisionism in our area and, consequently, as a main challenge for Greek foreign policy.   I wish to focus on, once again, that Greece’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity are not open to the slightest questioning and are not, under any circumstances, a subject for discussion.
The Western Balkans, with the main objective of enhancing their own European perspective and achieving conditions of stability, growth, and security.
Our cooperation with the Center East region, and the Gulf of mexico, through the interaction and shared understanding we have shared with the particular peoples of these regions since ancient times.
Our own presence in Europe, both within the framework of the EUROPEAN UNION, of which we are one of the oldest and most active members, having a systematic contribution to the deepening and integration, with the bilateral level, within our close cooperation with nations of the continent, with which we are linked by ties of cordial friendship.
Our strategic relationship associated with cooperation with the United States, mainly featuring the joint security of freedom and democracy, our participation in protection and other international organizations, as well as the capitalization of Greece’s geopolitical importance for the consolidation of security and stability in the wider region.
Within our region, the concept of revisionism is definitely primarily reflected in Turkey’s systematic policy of conflicts and claims to the detriment of our country’s territorial sovereignty and sovereign rights. Greece is faced with an unparalleled escalation of provocations with the Turkish side in terms of length and intensity. Turkey offers chosen the role of a “spoiler” in the region, and in this particular destabilizing choice, it has discovered a willing partner in Libya.
Greece’s active existence in international and regional organizations, so as to address global challenges and consolidate international cooperation.
The African continent, not only the particular North African region, which we have long-standing historical plus cultural ties but also sub-Saharan Africa, in terms of addressing challenges related to migratory flows through the region and the possibility of rising hotbeds of terrorism.
In a rapidly changing international and regional environment, Greece, through its foreign policy, articulates coherent plus convincing discourse and conveys a message of calm plus determination to address all issues effectively.


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