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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ address to the Condition Secretariat for Youth plus Employment of Mozambique, over the occasion of a donation from the Greek Government for Youth and Development in Cabo Delgado Province (Maputo, twenty five. 01. 2023)

Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen, As you may know, a Greek Special Warfare Control, which forms part of the Objective, is training the Mozambique Special Forces in counter-terrorism. This deployment was in reaction to a request from the Federal government of Mozambique for useful assistance, following the insurgency in Cabo Delgado. This insurgency has resulted in almost one million internally displaced individuals, many deaths and the devastation of infrastructure and more. It is also seriously impeding major business development, directly affecting the neighborhood communities, and especially, youth. Young people must have opportunities, employment plus a chance to live a peaceful and fruitful life. I am pleased to meet you and your colleagues nowadays on my first visit to your beautiful country. I strongly believe that the development of Africa is a key priority to the benefit of the international community. Ocean going security and combating terrorism efficiently are key elements to that end. With this small gesture, we hope that higher things can happen and arrive at improve the lives of nearby communities and the economy from the country in the long term. The EUROPEAN has been an active supporter associated with peace, security and balance in Mozambique. And, I have to say, we are honoured to have today with us the Head of the EU Delegation to Mozambique. Thank you so much. With that in mind, my country, Greece, is making a simple contribution of 40. 000 euros to the ongoing applications of the State Secretariat just for Youth and Employment for its activities in Cabo Delgado. The fund will contribute to vocational training and capacity building focusing on youth.


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