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Alternate Minister of Foreign Matters Miltiadis Varvitsiotis’ remarks on the Economist’s event “The entire world ahead 2023 Athens Gala Dinner” (Athens, 27. 01. 2023)

Reagarding energy, Mister. Varvitsiotis said that the Mitsotakis government is upgrading Greece’s role by turning it into an energy hub at a time when Europe is realizing that it is essential not just where the energy it consumes comes from, but also the particular routes it takes. The Alternative Minister noted that the nation plans to soon become an exporter of energy arriving primarily from renewable sources, whose participation in our energy mix reached a record fifty percent in 2022 and for the further development of which substantial investments are being undertaken. At the same time, he continued, Greece is definitely advancing its energy interconnection with Israel, Cyprus, plus Egypt so as to effectively use natural gas from the South-Eastern Mediterranean and transfer green electrical power from Egypt, while enhancing LNG storage capacity in its ports, especially Alexandroupolis. Simultaneously, it is building its energy interconnection network with the Balkans by exporting energy.
The Alternate Minister also noted that the Southeastern Mediterranean is a critical region for the security of the whole of Europe and defined Greece’s strategic alliance with Israel and the US as a cornerstone of the country’s foreign policy goal of attaining peace and security within the Mediterranean, underscoring that we talk about common values, principles, plus goals with these two nations.
Dealing with the Economist’s conference within the geopolitical challenges of 2023, Alternate Minister of International Affairs, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis highlighted Greece’s significant part in the stability of the South-Eastern Mediterranean sea as a stable ally from the US and Israel, along with the opportunities opening up for power cooperation. The conference, that was held on Friday night time, was also attended by the US Ambassador George Tsunis plus Israeli Ambassador Noam Katz. “That we are open to conversation with Turkey does not mean that we accept any discussion about our islands. We tend not to negotiate over our sovereignty”, signaled the Alternate Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich). In particular Mister. Varvitsiotis underscored that Greece is opposed to any revisionist force that wishes to improve borders and security architecture by force and is committed to defending International Law and especially the Law of the Sea. This principle, he said, pervades our foreign policy which is why we have stood by Ukraine from the very first time. At the same time, he stated that Turkish provocative conduct intends security in the region, recalling that Turkey is the only nation that has not ratified the particular critical NATO enlargement toward Sweden and Finland.


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