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Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis’ interview with SKAI TV and journalists Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos (Athens, 24.02.2023)

Lastly, the Alternate Minister stated that in the upcoming elections, Greeks will be asked to decide how the country will move forward with stability, seriousness, responsibility, and security in this unstable international environment.Mr.  Varvitsiotis also recalled that today is an anniversary day, as it marks one year since the beginning of the war in Ukraine “which changed many geopolitical facts and, above all, dispelled the illusions that we live in a world of perpetual peace and cooperation”. And having spoken about the Greek victims of Mariupol, he pointed out that “morally, historically, but also in the sense of defending international law and borders, we ought to stand by the people of Ukraine and their struggle”.The Alternate Minister made special reference to Greece’s strategic relationship with the United States. “We cultivate in extremely fertile ground,” he underlined, adding that the stability of our relations with the United States has provided us with a strategic advantage. “Greece takes advantage of the void left by Mr. Erdogan’s regressions and becomes the strong refuge of the Western alliance in the Southeastern Mediterranean,” he noted. Mr. Varvitsiotis also underscored large American multinational corporations’ strategic capital investments in Greece, as well as increased American tourist flows to our country.In response to a question on Greece’s readiness in case of a threat, the Alternate Minister stated that in addition to the alliances, which serve as a force of deterrence, “we must defend our national sovereignty, we must be ready, able, equipped, determined and united to defend our national independence.”Mr. Varvitsiotis also mentioned Greece’s strategic cooperation with Egypt, which has greatly upgraded our country’s role, as well as the strategic relationship with France, which, he recalled, has been questioned by the opposition, which did not vote in favour of the relevant agreement.Regarding Greek-Turkish relations following the devastating earthquakes, Mr. Varvitsiotis stressed that we are not complacent about the climate that has been created. “The rhetoric may be toned down, and the two peoples’ solidarity at this time may open a window of opportunity for dialogue, but this must be done in a sincere spirit and within a framework that ensures we do not regress. Because if Turkey soon returns to its previous aggressive rhetoric, we will destroy all bridges and there will be no possibility or hope of a rapprochement,” he pointedly stated.“With the strategic alliances formed and the defence equipment acquired, we turn Greece into the strongest player in the Southeastern Mediterranean, which can create security conditions and defend stability in the region,” Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis  emphasised, speaking on SKAI TV’s show “Simera”  and to journalists Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos.


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