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Foreign Ministry’s report on Finland’s activities in Afghanistan submitted to Parliament

Foreign Ministry’s report upon Finland’s activities in Afghanistan (in Finnish)
Finland’s activities in Afghanistan had been part of the activities of the worldwide community. Finland sought in order to stabilise the security situation in Afghanistan, to promote reconstruction, sustainable development and human legal rights in Afghanistan, to improve global security and Finland’s national security, and to strengthen the international position and agency of Finland and the Eu. The activities were exceptional in many ways and the conditions were extremely difficult throughout Finland’s presence in Afghanistan.  
“Finland’s activities in Afghanistan strengthened our global partnerships and reinforced our position as a responsible, credible and reliable operator. Our own involvement in the international community’s activities in Afghanistan had been an important learning experience regarding Finland, and it has influenced our crisis management legislation, our development cooperation and the actions of the Finnish Defence Factors. While we did not obtain fully or sustainably the key objectives in Afghanistan, many of the development outcomes are such that no one can erase them, ” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto .  
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has submitted a written report on Finland’s activities within Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021 to Parliament’s International Affairs Committee.
The report by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is part of a more extensive central government assessment of Finland’s presence within Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021. The Ministry of Defence published a similar document in August 2022. A comprehensive assessment of Finland’s turmoil management activities in Afghanistan, conducted within the framework from the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities, will be completed in 2023.
The report gives a succinct overview of Finland’s activities within Afghanistan in terms of military crisis management, civilian crisis management and development cooperation. It assesses the objectives, results and effectiveness of Finland’s activities. In addition , the document has a separate section for the evacuation operation of Aug 2021.


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