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Finland proposes a European Commission recommendation on visa annulment if a Schengen country refuses entry of Russian nationals

On Tuesday 20 September, Finland sent a letter to the European Commission requesting the Commission to issue a recommendation, common to all Schengen countries, on the annulment or revocation of visas of Russian nationals and on imposing entry bans. 
If one Member State refuses the entry of a Russian national and revokes the person’s visa or imposes on them an entry ban in the Schengen Information System (SIS), other Member States can refuse the person entry on their border based on the missing visa or the Schengen-wide entry ban. This will prevent the same persons from trying to enter the Schengen area at some other land border or airport. 
Finland calls for a recommendation that allow Schengen countries, when they refuse entry of Russian nationals at their border, to either annul or revoke a person’s visa or impose an entry ban on them in accordance with ordinary Schengen practices.
In a meeting of EU foreign ministers on 19 September, Finland proposed that tourist visas be included in the scope of EU sanctions to strengthen the unity of the EU.
Finland values the efforts to reach a common EU policy with respect to the restriction of visas for Russians.


  • Jussi Tanner, Director General of Consular Services, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 295 350246, firstname.lastname@formin.fi
  • Matti Pitkäniitty, Colonel, Head of the International Affairs Unit, Finnish Border Guard, tel. +358 295 42 11 31, firstname.lastname@raja.fi


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