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Extensive D visa will speed up entry into the country meant for students and researchers who have been issued with residence enables

The Finnish Immigration Service will issue the D visa in connection with the favourable decision on a residence permit. This will allow those who have been granted a residence permit to travel to Finland sooner than at present, as they will not have to wait for a residence allow card abroad; instead, a visa sticker attached to the particular travel document at a Finnish mission will prove their right of entry. This can make it easier for them to start their studies, research plus work on time, facilitate the particular recruitment of experts and enhance Finland’s attractiveness.
The approved offer also includes an change to the Aliens Act that will enable the Ministry pertaining to Foreign Affairs to give a temporary residence permit to young people from diplomatic family members arriving in Finland until they reach the age of 20. This is in line with the international practice. To date, after turning eighteen, young people from diplomatic households have had to apply to the Finnish Immigration Service for extension of their residence permit.
The amendments will enter into force on 22 December. Some of the changes to information techniques that are needed for the use of a D visa will not, however , become completed until spring 2023. This is why the application of the amendments will begin in two phases: A D visa may be issued to persons in managerial positions in companies and their family members since the entry into power of the Act. Starting from 1 April, a D visa may be issued to learners, researchers and their loved ones as well as to persons who have dropped their residence permit credit card.
A D visa for australia could also be issued for admittance to a residence permit holder residing abroad whose home permit card has been dropped, stolen or expired.
A D visa was released in Finland in June this year. At that time, legislative amendments prepared by the Ministry meant for Foreign Affairs entered into pressure. Under these amendments, a D visa can be issued to specialists, high-growth start-up entrepreneurs and their members of the family.  
The Government Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government aims to boost education-based and work-based immigration. The Government Programme pays specific attention to improving and accelerating permit procedures. The amendments now approved support these types of objectives.

Amendments will become applicable gradually

Amendments to the Aliens Act will extend the use of a long-term visa termed as a D visa. The amendments will contribute to promoting education-based and labour-based immigration and streamline entry procedures. The particular President of the Republic approved the amendments on 20 December.
In future, D visas can be issued to students, experts, persons in managerial positions in companies and members of the family of the above-mentioned individuals. The original idea of the legislative suggestion drafted by the Ministry from the Interior was that a M visa could also be issued to employees of certified companies. However , the regulation concerning this group has given that been compiled in a offer for the certification of companies prepared by the Ministry associated with Economic Affairs and Employment, which is scheduled to get into force in February.


  • Berit Kiuru, Chief Specialist, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 295 488 283, berit. kiuru@govsec. fi


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