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Discretionary government grants for CSOs’ Europe information awarded intended for 2023

The purpose of the discretionary govt grants for CSOs’ European countries information is to promote conversation about topical EU issues and to improve people’s basic knowledge of matters related to europe and to Finland’s EU account. CSOs play an important role in enhancing general understanding and understanding of the EUROPEAN UNION and in promoting related discussion in the country.  
By the due date, 31 CSOs had submitted applications designed for 39 Europe information projects. Discretionary government grants had been awarded to 22 CSOs for 24 projects. The particular one-year funding should be utilized for dissemination of information in Finland. The Ministry for International Affairs awarded discretionary federal government grants to the following CSOs based on their applications:
The Ministry for Foreign Matters has awarded EUR 445, 000 in discretionary federal government grants to civil culture organisations (CSOs) for their Europe information purposes. In this software round, grants were awarded to 22 CSOs and 24 projects.

  • The EU as a human being rights actor and a marketer of democracy
  • Direction of the EU’s economic and energy policy
  • The EU as being a global actor: Common International and Security Policy as well as the EU’s role in conflict quality
  • The EU’s enlargement

In the application round, particular stress was placed on factors related to projects’ communicative elements. The projects must convey the intended information and be available to everyone free of charge. The amount of discretionary government grants for each project ranges between EUR 15, 000 and EUR 35, 000.
The following priorities were emphasised in the application round designed for 2023:

  • CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Basis
  • Creatura Think & Do Tank
  • Pro Ethical Industry Finland (Eetti)
  • European Movement in Finland
  • JEF Finland
  • European Youngsters Parliament Finland
  • Finnwatch
  • KIOS Foundation
  • Kansallinen senioriliitto
  • Finnish Association of the Deaf
  • Finnish Society meant for Nature and Environment
  • Youth Academy
  • SaferGlobe Finland
  • Finnish National Youngsters Council Allianssi
  • Union of Students within Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK
  • Peace Union of Finland
  • Committee of 100 in Finland
  • Finnish YouTube Articles Creators
  • UN Association of Finland
  • Valo-Valmennusyhdistys
  • Vamlas Foundation
  • Vapaus valita toisin


  • Sara Haalahti, Communications Officer, tel. + 358 295 350 089
  • The email contact information of the Ministry for International Affairs are in the file format firstname. lastname@formin. fi.


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