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Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform : European Commission and Committee of the Regions to achieve Zero Pollution Ambition

​​​​​​​​ The EU’s zero pollution ambition was set out in the European Green Deal to protect Europe’s citizens and ecosystems. It aims to reduce air, water and soil pollution to levels that are no longer considered harmful to health and natural ecosystem.

The European Commission, in cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions, now set up Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform to help achieve the zero pollution ambition.

The Platform’s objective is to define a common vision on how to achieve zero pollution objectives. By bringing together actors from different communities and areas of expertise, including local and regional authorities, it will tackle inter-related challenges and strengthen development of a joint environment and health agenda. It will create co-ownership, promote collaboration, share good practices on cross-cutting topics and foster integrated solutions to maximise synergies with decarbonisation and post-COVID 19 recovery efforts.This way, the Platform will help deliver on the flagship initiatives and actions set out in the Zero Pollution Action Plan .

Local and regional authorities have a fundamental role in implementing zero pollution policies on the ground. Their voices are also vital for the policy processes. Local communities see closely the impacts of pollution on people, nature and the economy, and are well placed to bring these concrete experiences to EU level.

The involvement of local and regional authorities in the activities of the Platform is thus essential.

The European Committee of the Regions has already been active in the EU work on zero pollution. Recent opinions on air , water and chemicals , prepared by the Commission for Environment, Climate change and Energy ENVE) , bring the views of local and regional communities to the EU level and feed them into legislative process. Currently, an opinion on the Zero Pollution Action Plan is under preparation.

The CoR is also supporting the implementation of zero pollution efforts within its Green Deal Going Local activities and campaign, ensuring that local and regional communities are fully involved in the zero pollution ambition.

Take action on Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

Find out more information on:

  • actions : how the 9 flagship initiatives of the zero pollution action plan are being implemented.
  • funding opportunities : more information about funding opportunities at the European level
  • knowledge hub : Stakeholder Platform will launch a series of “Zero Pollution Talks” and will share good practices from 2022 onwards.

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