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Workshop on comparing vocational education and training

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Start date : 17/06/2021

End date : 18/06/2021

Other bodies and agencies,

Culture, education and youth, Employment and social rights,

The workshop will present the final findings of the project ‘Comparing vocational education and training qualifications: towards a European comparative methodology’ of the European Centre for the development of vocational training (Cedefop).

The workshop will present a series of use-cases where a systematic analysis and comparison of learning outcomes can support researchers, policymakers and practitioners involved in the development as well as review and renewal of skills and qualifications.

It will allow for a discussion on how to strengthen the feedback-loop between education and training and the labour market; and thus provide a better link between the supply and demand of skills and qualifications.

The event will gather selected international experts and researchers working on comparative methodologies from different angles.

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