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Union of equality: LGBTIQ equality strategy 2020-2025

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Start date : 11/02/2021

End date : 11/02/2021

European Economic and Social Committee,

Employment and social rights, Justice and citizens’ rights,

Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental rights and core values in the EU, enshrined in its Treaties and in the Charter of fundamental rights. “Equal opportunities” is also the first chapter of the European pillar of social rights. However, the Council of the EU continues to block the 2008 Commission proposal for an equal treatment directive, which covers discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Having requested a referral to produce an opinion on this strategy, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is starting by organising a remote public hearing to evaluate how the LGBTIQ community continues to be discriminated against and to collect views on how to effectively tackle such discrimination – not only across all EU policies and funding programmes, but also at all other levels and in all domains. Only a cross-cutting approach will solve this problem.

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